This is how you proactive.

Mark Emmert, bringing the stupid.

How do you compromise with somebody like that?


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11 responses to “This is how you proactive.

  1. As a builder/developer rep for an energy company for several years, let me tell you how well he fits the mold of an HOA president….


  2. Scuba

    Just when you think he cant top his previously level of stupid statements he rises the bar. For college football fans this cant end well as long as he is in charge.


  3. Mayor

    Emmert should have been fired long ago. He is presiding over the destruction of the NCAA now.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      But he’s keeping his salary for the time being and if he can just keep sending some $$$ to that bank in the Cayman Islands a little while longer he won’t hang around. 🙂

      Maybe he and Larry Scott are building a house there together.


  4. jt10mc (the other one)

    You can’t. He is tone deaf and it will be his undoing…and myself, TGII, the Boz, LeBron, Ed O’bannon and every person who sees the National Communist Athletic Association for who they are will enjoy it!


  5. DawgPhan

    He knows that everyone hates the HOA, right? That was the analogy he was making, right?


  6. sectionzalum

    By “other people,” methinks he includes “the help.”

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  7. Doug

    Dude really does think he answers to nobody. I’m really going to enjoy it when someone, be it Congress or the courts, relieves him of that delusion.


  8. Faltering Memory

    Many of you will remember another candidate for POTNCAA was Michael Adams. I really wanted MA to get the job to get him out of Athens and of our bank account. Even so, I still thinf he would have done a better job than this.