You have questions. Kirby has answers.

Talk about your timely reader questions…

Screenshot_2019-10-16 A clue to the new direction

Here’s what the boss man has to say about that:

I go back and say again, we talked about it the other day, it’s simple: Don’t turn the ball over, be more explosive, and win two-minute, all right?” Smart said. “Those are three really critical factors. We’ve got to be more explosive.”

“The runs that we have, there were about six or seven runs in there that were over 10 yards that I would argue could be home runs if one more guy gives a little more effort and gives a little more blocking,” Smart said.

“You’ve got to be able to be more explosive when you get an opportunity to do that. And you’ve got to win two-minute in games. And you can’t turn it over.”

It’s simple, indeed.  When receivers blocking downfield gets a mention and getting receivers open downfield doesn’t, that should tell you all you need to know about what he thinks needs fixing.

Manball can’t fail; it can only be failed.  Win those battles, boys!


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72 responses to “You have questions. Kirby has answers.

  1. HootyHoo

    Yeah, Kirby’s 3 year trajectory (I dismiss year 1) is a nose dive. We got ourselves a recruiting assistant masquerading as a head coach.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    Reminded me of “we have to work harder to get better.” I know Smart is a much better


  3. Spike

    Blah blah blah. Coach speak… blah blah blah


  4. RangerRuss

    Yeah man, when I first read that it painfully reminded me of Turkeyneck’s proclamation,”My offense when executed correctly can’t be stopped”.
    We’ve all dealt with obstinate bastards. I reckon I’m giving Kirby the benefit of the doubt. That’s all I can do.


    • illinidawg

      Nah, you can just give up like the rest of these sunshine patriots.


      • RangerRuss

        No sir, that ain’t me ol buddy. Now I will insulate my disappointment
        with sports from my real life by remembering what Mr Frank Prewitt told me years ago.
        “As long as you don’t allow it to affect your paycheck it’ll be alright.”

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  5. Olde Dawg 78

    If he’s so serious about manball, then why aren’t we running the toss sweep out of the power I?


  6. Ranger beat me to it, but we made fun of lines like this from Fish Fry. It ain’t so funny when it’s your guy making those comments.

    Kirby has a point about the turnovers. At -3 during regulation, we were fortunate to have a chance to win the game in regulation. Coach better, Kirby, and maybe you get guys into position to “do more.”


  7. dawgfan1995

    Kirby’s manball theme in passing situations is that our superior athletes at WR have to beat the DB across from them. Don’t even think about trying to scheme folks open; the last time Kirby had an OC who tried that, it was the 2017 SECC and the refs improperly called Javon Wims for pass interference. So, boys, go out there and be better than the other team. We’re not going to coach you on anything other than “win your match up.”

    With this obstinacy from Kirby, we legitimately could lose to every team left on the schedule except Tech.

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  8. The other Doug

    When we play a team that sucks like USC our players are so much better that it takes 4 turnovers to stop Man Ball, but when we play good teams we’re already equal. Then what?

    He has to see this. My guess is he is just deflecting. He can’t get up there and say we’ve installed a shitty passing game and it’ll be tough to add much now that we’re in the middle of the season.


    • “He can’t get up there and say we’ve installed a shitty passing game and it’ll be tough to add much now …”

      Did we allow Chaney to take every copy of the last 2 years’ playbooks with him? I have to assume the plays are in the playbook.

      I’m just waiting for Kirby to blame the whole thing on losing Mecole, Ridley, Godwin, Holloman, and Nauta.


      • The other Doug

        Maybe the playbook was written in crayon?

        Kirby hired the wrong OC and he is stuck with him until the season is over. In the meantime he has to deflect and make excuses. He’s new to being a HC and this is really his first big blunder. Hopefully it’s the last one.


      • Tony Barnfart

        That is 5 people though…


  9. MDDawg

    While I do agree that we should be scheming to get players open and creating conflicts for the opposing defense, Kirby’s not exactly wrong about the turnovers. The pick-six was a killer, and we seemed to be moving the ball pretty well on those other drives that ended in turnovers. I think he knows we need to do better in the passing game and this was just him protecting his OC with coach-speak.

    He also mentions the field position battle. While the defense did do a good job limiting SC’s offense, they allowed just enough room for SC to keep pinning us inside our own 20.


  10. dawgman3000

    Kirby’s quote above is exactly why there is so much angst among us fans. Manball is a thing of beauty until the opposing team actually man up against it. That’s when it’s time to get creative with your playmakers and impose your will that way. Don’t be the Dawg incapable of learning new tricks Kirby.

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    • Russ

      But please, Kirby, leave the trick plays at home.


      • dawgfan1995

        But, one of the defining moments of the early part of the 2017 season was a flea-flicker — a trick play under any definition.

        Sometimes, you need to run a trick play on offense — even if it is unsuccessful — to keep defenses from cheating on the run-of-the-mill plays.


  11. MA

    “…well, what beats rock?”
    “Nothing beats rock!”


  12. Texas Dawg

    If we do not adjust, play the same against Auburn and Florida, and lose one or both, the fan base will turn on Kirby in an instant. All the good will he built over the last 3 1/2 years will be gone and he will understand what Richt endured his last few years.

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  13. Scuba

    What Kirby said works when Nick and Sony are there to bail him out. The Rabid Dawg formation worked against OU repeatedly because of those two and they were a big part of the win creating the trip to the NC game.

    It is not plug and play at RBU. Good coaching is required to win NC. Unless your goal is to get lucky like Les Miles and Mack Brown did once each. if so we may have missed that chance in OT in the NC game.

    Fromms ability to throw over the middle is no better now than his freshman season. It appears to have gotten worse. I seriously believe thats not due to a lack of effort on his part. The guy is a winner and is being handcuffed. His coaching, the at times painfully slow play calling and receivers in ability to get separation are holding him back. Why that is for Kirby to fix and hopefully before Jax or it`s going to be be really long ugly off season.

    The fact that Kirby says otherwise is very disheartening. Without change on his part the end is very predicable. I really bought into this is our time not just our season. We have the greatest assembly of talent according to recruiting experts in school history. There is no excuse for what happened Saturday.

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  14. Paul

    So is this the place to bring up the fact that despite all his recruiting prowess, Kirby’s most successful team to date was a roster full of Mark Richt’s players? Or should I post that over in the Playpen? I know, I know. It’s my inner Munson. I can’t help it. For old guys like me it’s just reflexive. Just relax, we’ll all be dead eventually.


    • MDDawg

      Couldn’t you could also argue that Mark Richt’s most successful team (2002) was a roster full of Jim Donnan’s players? I’m not sure that it really matters in either instance. As I recall, Jake Fromm wasn’t coming to UGA until Kirby got the job, so there’s no telling how 2017 would’ve turned out if Richt was still at the helm. And please don’t take this as me crapping on Richt, I love the guy. I still follow Miami football now even though he’s not there anymore.

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      • Paul

        MDDawg it was just me being a grumpy old man. I’m pissed at how pathetic a performance, if you can call it that, we turned in last week. I like Kirby, though I’m not an acolyte. While I don’t see him as the once in a lifetime coach some do, I did think he would cure us of the annual face plant. Ripping the scab off a wound is never pleasant.


        • MDDawg

          I absolutely agree with you there regarding the annual face plant, I’d hoped those days were over as well. I also can’t stand whenever an opposing team/coach/player has a career day against us or sets/breaks some sort of record. Kinda like SC’s “first win against a top 5 team in XX years” that happened this past weekend


        • Down Island Way

          Until CKS evolves/learns/becomes a head coach that can see the field for the players involved, UGA will hit these potholes from time to time…given CKS has expectations do to the student athletes recruited, suffering a loss to an opponent at their house on a saturday night a fan can come to grips with, the losses in nola and at home this past weekend CKS seemed…nonchalant


      • Jared S.

        In my mind the best Richt team was (hands down) the team that ended the 2007 season.


        • MDDawg

          I’m sure there’s a fun discussion to be had about which team was the best, most talented, etc., but I chose the 2002 team as “most successful” because they were 13-1 SEC Champs with a Sugar Bowl win. Compare it to the 2012 team for example: 2012 had NFL talent galore, a better QB (in my opinion), but no championship ring, and they laid an egg against SC that year. Based on that I’d have to call the 2002 version more successful, but not necessarily a better team if that makes any kind of sense.


  15. Russ

    Orlovsky (the color commentator for the SC game) called it. He said our coaches did nothing to help our receivers get open, and that Florida and Auburn will eat that up.

    Moar manball!!


  16. Jeff Sanchez

    He continues his pattern of throwing players under the bus, even after arguably the worst loss in Sanford Stadium history (for sure the worst in Dooly Field history). Unbelieveable.


    • ASEF

      It is a bit disconcerting. “We need to get better, coaches and players, next question.” Over and over again. Instead, we get Swift wondering about the coaching and Kirby fussing about his WR effort.

      Not good


  17. JasonC

    I may be 100% wrong here, but I think the reason why none of Saban’s protégés have reached his level is because they are trying to play like Saban used to play. But Saban took another page out of Billichek’s playbook and evolved- especially in regards to offense.

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    • dog phan

      Bingo ! That is exactly what I was thinking this morning. Saban started to make the change after his manball failed against a Clemson wide open offense, first with Deshaun Watson as QB and then again with Deshaun Watson and then again with Trevor.


  18. ASEF

    How in the hell is Kirby going to sell that on the recruiting trail? And why can’t he sell it to the guys already on his roster?

    Alabama doesn’t seem to have a problem getting its receivers to go after guys anywhere on the field. Or being explosive. They’re on their 3rd coordinator in 3 years. Hmmm. Wonder what is motivating them?


  19. Go Dawgs!

    Then again, he’s right. We were damn close to breaking some explosive runs. And for that matter, we had open receivers on Saturday and Jake Fromm missed them. I am thinking specifically of a sideline overthrow of Pickens and the deep ball from the end zone that landed just out of reach of a free and open receiver on the midfield logo. There were other balls that we completed that receivers had to wait on that would have been big gains and likely touchdowns if the receiver had been hit in stride. The phrase of the week seems to be “scheme them open” and that’s fine, I won’t get in the way of the narrative. But it doesn’t matter a whole heck of a lot if the quarterback doesn’t make the play. And I’m Jake Fromm’s biggest booster, but I tend to put more of the blame for Saturday’s loss on his shoulders than the scheme. Once South Carolina figured out that he was having an off day, to put it mildly, and that they didn’t have to respect the pass as much I think it was open season on the rushing attack… and we STILL were almost breaking runs. It was a bad day, I don’t know if you set the whole thing on fire yet.

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    • Just rewatched the abomination last eve, and Fromm missed two crucial RB crossers at different times. He missed White early in the 1st Half on a play that would have gained 15 yards or more. But more painfully, he missed Swift BADLY on that final drive in regulation on 1st Down. Swift had the LB beaten and would have taken the ball to at least the USC 45 with 0:40 to go.


  20. Greg

    Pretty simple…..he doesn’t have the receivers to make things work. But that’s on him.

    He has talent, but it is YOUNG talent and also not enough of overall talent. Cager is gonna really hurt being out. Don’t see us running the table…


    • Otto

      He wants blocking and explosive plays. I don’t believe he can have one without giving up some of another. You need faster receivers to get open but bigger ones to block.

      Further as another poster today in another entry the WRs were getting mugged every play and wasn’t getting called. If the WRs are initiating contact frequently as they are blockers, it gets harder to get calls for holding or PI on the opposing defense.

      Also WRs or lighter RBs like Cook don’t have to block if they are a downfield threat. UF and LSU have both been good about this. Blocking are taking a defender into coverage both can take the defender out of the play.

      1 less turnover or 1 more successful attempt from the FG teams gets a W. However, a more creative game plan for the offense could make the game a blowout.

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      • Greg

        They make’em, the ones that can block & get open. What we have is very young & I believe they will develop into being good at both. We are just low on numbers, especially with Cager being out.

        I guess we are down 5 from a year ago, 3 go pro, 1 gets kicked off the team and now one injured. That would be hard on any team (timing & continuity).

        But I believe we can get better, just hope we don’t lose anymore. Definitely low on numbers.

        Again, to me….that is the biggest problem. It’s a team loss & the coaching staff does have some responsibility in this, as well as the players.

        Didn’t realize until today how good the ‘D really played. SC did not get into the red zone on any of the scores. That long pass completion for a TD happened on a second teamer.

        The offense moved the ball, had almost 500 yards of total offense & punted only twice.
        The turnovers just killed us.

        But boy, we really hurt at the receiving position for now imo. Hope Cager gets healthy & the receivers grow between now and the remainder of the season.

        A team loss, no other way to look at it. FWIW, a different decision or two from the staff would have resulted in a win imo. It’s just that it is magnified more during a loss. The same can be said about any team….even the Saban teams (when they rarely lose).


        • Otto

          You are correct in a team loss, and you are correct mistakes cost the game.

          However, if Bama is the target even without mistakes, UGA is not approaching or seemingly committed to the level of creativity needed to get to the clear level of expectation.


  21. Bill Glennon

    “Getting more explosive plays” could be read as him saying we need to get receivers open downfield.

    He’s not going to announce his dissastisfaction to the world mid season and make wholesale changes. He’s got to refocus the team and get to they bye week.

    I’m sure he understands the problem. Unfortunately, he may not be able to get it fixed well with the current roster/staff. That dosen’t necessarily mean that he is putting his head in the sand.

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  22. Macallanlover

    I don’t think many of the comments reflect a desire to give up on Kirby, nor want him to fail. They seem genuinely calling for him to progress in a couple of critical areas, to swim to the lifesaver, if you will. He is at a critical intersection in his career at UGA, imo, he isn’t going to get fired; and I know no single fan who wants that. But in his brief, four year career, he has gotten some legit critical assessments to improve in a couple of areas: offensive diversity, and game day decision making near the end of close games.

    He may be the victim of his own success, he hasn’t needed to score more very often so why change, and he hasn’t had enough close, down to the wire games to realize how fast and furious time flies in critical decision time. I think he needs help with the latter, and I feel he made a bad decision with the OC hire because he truly hasn’t faced the crisis of our offensive limits and bought into the movement that is changing CFB forever.

    Saban evolved, probably started due to Kiffin’s time there (along with KS). And Ed O, faced with losing his lifetime, dream job went looking and struck gold. The resulting changes are undeniable.

    No reason Kirby cannot do the same, but it is his call….and hundreds of thousands are begging him to do that before we lose the momentum he has created. Not many have turned on him, or meaning to attack him. Like a good performance evaluation, it is done to make suggested changes for improvement. It isn’t too late, but opportunities like this have a time expiration.


  23. Do we really want Kirby to tell us in a press conference exactly what he wants to do to get players open? I don’t think he’s an idiot. I think he understands that deception is at least a component of any successful offense. Maybe I’m giving him too much of the benefit of the doubt, but the last thing I want to hear him say in a press conference is, “aw to hell with it; we need to start running short and intermediate crossing patterns to get the ball into our playmakers’ hands in space. Did ya’ll see the LSU game? We’re gonna start doing that. Or maybe some air raid concepts. I’ve always liked pirates.”

    Obviously if nothing changes on the field going forward, I will hang my head in shame.


  24. Classic City Canine

    Manball can’t fail. It can only be failed. Kirby stop scaring me. You’re starting to sound like Paul Johnson.


  25. Scorpio Jones, III

    “The turnovers negated the Bulldogs’ advantages in total yards (468-297), time of possession (36:04-23:56) and first down (30-16).”


    • Yeah, I frankly don’t get all the hand-wringing about the coaching. Those advantages show the plan worked. I don’t care who you play, if you go negative 4 in turnover margin, you lose. Turnovers – especially the fumbled exchange and the tipped pass – are one aspect of the game coaches don’t control. When you add the two missed field goals, that’s six possessions that were completely negated. What is your head coach supposed to do there? Bill Bellicheck himself couldn’t overcome that.

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      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Orlovsky is right when he says Georgia does not have anyone on the perimeter of the offense that scares teams out of man. Bammer, for instance has three juniors at receiver. It is interesting how concern about the youth on the perimeter kinda got lost in the conversation.


        • Otto

          Is it anyone or the ability to scheme anyone into a threat?

          As for hand-wringing yes overall the charts show success but down a score UGA goes 2 punts and then a fumble in the 3rd quarter. The fumble was on a more pass oriented drive. For all the success, when behind UGA did not adjust to run to use more tempo until late resulting in a late tie score and being lucky to get to OT. 10:36 to go in the game, down by 7, another carry for Swift was dialed up on 2nd and 5 on the UGA 30, 2nd play of the drive. In isolation it isn’t a bad call but when you look at the situational play calling posted in an entry on Monday, it was very predictable. UGA goes for a pass on 3rd and 3 which is incomplete but bailed out by a PI called.

          Thankfully the D held them scoreless in the 2nd half.


          • Good points all, Otto. I also feel like the offense got tight late in the game when the “here-we-go-again” syndrome started to set in. South Carolina’s D also started to believe, and they were playing fast and loose. That’s what happens when you let an underdog hang around.


  26. Ozam

    Either Kirby is stubbornly blinded by his philosophy or he isn’t sharing anything with the media. l’m leaning towards the former.

    Our O is not a missed block here or a missed read there from being a force that’s scares anyone.


  27. AceDawg

    The problem is that Jake Fromm needs a pocket cleaner than God’s kingdom and receivers that have an opening defenders can’t get to. Once the ball is snapped, Fromm is just a decent QB unable to manufacture random 60 yard TD runs like other top college QBs. And he can’t throw it 15 yards off his backfoot. And he throws wobbly duck passes when he is rolling out and trying to zip a ball on the run. And stuff.


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Not sure if you’re serious or not. Fromm had a shitty day, but besides last Saturday, can you give some examples of all those terrible plays you say Fromm makes?

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    • Tell us what you would have liked Kirby to do last year without splitting the team. What should Kirby have done at the end of last season to convince Fields to stay if that’s your point?


  28. Uglydawg

    Everyone seems to have missed Kirby’s statement, “and win two minute”.
    If he’s talking about managing the clock…which is an absolute required skill for winning a two minute offense…then we may be looking at a man that can’t understand there’s a monkey on his back.
    If his reference is to something else, I apologize for my misunderstanding.