About those explosive plays…

When you run your offense inside a 20-yard box and direct the bulk of your passing attack to the sideline, that’s what you get from one of the best quarterbacks in college football.


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  1. Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust Spradlin

    Weren’t we near the top of the heap in that area within the last 2 years?


  2. jhorne2000

    You have manballed the shit out of manball this week. If I was manball, I’d be turning in my man card.

    It was much easier to read the arguments after a win , but it’s painful this week.

    My psyche feels like it’s been manballed too. I don’t know what to hope for tomorrow. Here’s the options :

    A philosophy change and now we’re blowing with the wind, no identity.

    Successful manball and we’re just waiting for the next inevitable game when it won’t work.


    • If you want me to inject a note of optimism here, let me try with this. I do think your last paragraph is what we’ll see tomorrow, but I have a sneaky feeling they’ll put the bye week to some good use, especially after seeing what LSU did to chew up Grantham’s defense.


      • practicaldawg

        Kirby flea flicker’ed Mullen in the nads in 2017. Mullen tried to return the favor in 2018, but Franks airmailed it. Would be hilarious if we did it again this year.


      • Charlottedawg

        I could definitely see Georgia come out of the gates with bad intentions in Jacksonville against an over confident gator team especially if people are saying they suck and their season is over after a lackluster win tomorrow. Happened last year, 2012 and 07. Even better if it was preceded by a DeAndre Swift, Jr Reed call-out in the media before hand.

        Lose the game tomorrow and…..eh I don’t even want to go there.


      • TN Dawg

        I can’t recall seeing the consistent use of an inside dig route, shallow crossing route, seam pass or post pattern all year, really since Nauta last year.

        iMac was the last one I can recall consistently running crossing routes.

        I’m sure there are examples that prove me incorrect. The end of the Tennessee first half had a few. But it seems ILBs can and safeties are free to focus on running the running game and run support, respectively.

        I’m beginning to believe Fromm just doesn’t see that part of the field well or has just had such success outside the hashes that he just doesn’t go there.

        Play action would be welcome as well.


      • ugafidelis



      • California dawg

        Coley was a mistake. Young/inconsistent receivers aside, we are still fielding an insanely talented offensive unit most coaches would kill for, and yet we’re squandering it with a mediocre at best OC who has never coached or called plays in the SEC before. There are so many better options than Coley. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I think we’re looking at 9-3 or 8-4 this season, and if that does happen hopefully Kirby isn’t too stubborn to move on and find a more innovative OC who can maximize the talent on this team.

        Sorry to be a downer. I know we’re all bummed and more doom and gloom is the last thing we need.


  3. ElectroM

    I am afraid Kirby will stick with the manball, run 1st philosophy until it costs him in recruiting, since that seems his #1 concern. How many 5* WR’s and TE’s will come to UGA when their ability to block is the main concern when it comes to playing time? I bet it will be a while before we get another 5* QB to sign up for manball game management duty.

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  4. Until we sack up and throw into the middle deep 1/3, this will continue.


  5. more spinners

    The Senator leads the conference in sacks of Samrt and Coley.
    Dang that was dead on.
    Senator you are pile driving them now!


  6. Mayor

    Notice how all the stats before the SC-GA game showed how marvelous a WB Jake Fromm is (a field general—like having a coach on the field) whereas since the loss to SC all the stats show how shitty a QB Fromm is.