Again, with the branding

This is the kind of shit you get when you’ve got more money than sense.

Auburn University responded to an open records request this morning concerning costs surrounding the development of the new “AU” shield and “visual identity system.”

Chermayeff & Gelsmar Havlv, LLC is providing the university consultation through 2019 for $30,000, but that may not be the total cost associated with the new logo.

That’s thirty grand for a “visual identity system” that’s been put on hold because the reaction to the minor logo change was overwhelmingly negative.

Rumors of the newly-developed logo being scrapped after an uproar from alumni and boosters swirled since September.

Student Government Association president Mary Margaret Turton said Ronald Burgess, Auburn University’s chief operating officer, told her the university will stick with its traditional logo at a meeting of the student senate earlier this week.

“Because we’ve had conversations regarding the visual identity system for the past few weeks in here, I do want to share an update that I got this morning,” Turton said, according to the Auburn Plainsman. “General Burgess announced that we will not be moving forward with the new logo this morning. We have plans from that directive to continue using the traditional Auburn logo, so I just wanted to share that.”

The new logo was shared among department heads in August and a source shared it with Auburn Undercover.

The new logo utilized the traditional “AU” shield framework, but closed the white space between the “A” and “U” to provide more focus on the “A” for Auburn. The “U” in the logo was also shorter in height than in the previous version.

Some people have way too much time on their hands.  And too much money.


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11 responses to “Again, with the branding

  1. Ben

    I couldn’t tell the difference at all between the two of them.


  2. Spike

    And more money than common sense.. wow..


  3. 4th & Kirby

    Good for them. I wish we had never gone with the new Bulldog head.


    • Ben

      You should read Jeremy Foley’s comments on their rebranding and the gator head. It’s celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it’s a good logo. It works because it’s distinctive, but there’s not a distinguishing letter on it.

      I think our bulldog head had that, but we lost it for the sake of Nike and symmetry.


  4. Faltering Memory

    And too closed a mind.


  5. MGW

    Corporate marketing douches love fixing things that aren’t broken. Whoever was sold this needs to be fired simply for being so incompetent that they can’t even say no to a snake oil salesman.


  6. William J Ferguson

    Clearly no one should go to Auburn for a Marketing degree. So little faith in their own Business College, they had to reach out to New York


  7. PatinDC

    I thought the new one is cleaner. Not sure why the fuss.


  8. Charlottedawg

    Why don’t they just make the new logo a roll of toilet paper? It works on some many levels.


  9. WarD Eagle

    I think we can all agree this was somebody looking to cash in on a relationship to do some work that nobody cares about.

    Ultimately Auburn folks were like, you hired a clown for president, signed Gus to a $49MM contract, etc., and now you’re just looking for ways to blow cash?!?!

    Also, the logo design was created by a student. If we can’t honor some traditions for no reason other than they’re traditions, what’s the point of having any traditions.

    A perfect example is the plethora of rental tents for tailgating. When kids can no longer run around haphazard tailgates with families, friends, and foes all having a great time, those kids have no memory of the fun and unbridled joy of college football. Especially considering what selling out to ESPN has done to the on-field product.

    Also, love the WDE roll hat.