Suffer in silence

Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

  • Big 12 officials blow an illegal snap call in an overtime game between Baylor and Texas Tech.
  • Big 12 acknowledges to Texas Tech that the illegal snap call was incorrect.
  • Texas Tech AD offers a statement confirming the conference acknowledgement of the officiating error and concludes, “I am confident that the Big 12 Conference will deal with the matter internally as they complete the review of the game in its entirety.”

You know what comes next, right?

The Big 12 issued a $25,000 fine and a public reprimand to Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt on Wednesday after he released a statement about an officiating error in the Red Raiders‘ loss at Baylor on Saturday…

The Big 12 said Hocutt violated league policy by speaking out publicly about officiating.

“It is vital that senior administration officials, especially the directors of athletics, adhere explicitly to these policies,” league commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a prepared statement. “It is very difficult to balance support for an institution’s teams while fully complying with the imperative created by schools acting together to manage athletics competition. On this occasion, the required discipline was not exercised. Kirby Hocutt is one of the very best athletics administrators in the nation, and I am grateful for his assistance and support in resolving this matter.”

In an email sent Monday to Bowlsby, obtained by 247Sports through a Freedom of Information Act request, Hocutt wrote that he did not violate the league’s policy on commenting about officiating but “rather provided a factual clarification to bring closure to this issue.”

“We simply stated the the facts in regards to the communication with the conference staff, the decision on the field, and that the play is not reviewable,” Hocutt wrote to Bowlsby.

And the conferences wonder why fans get so pissed off about officiating.


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9 responses to “Suffer in silence

  1. College officiating is a damn joke. The administrators are more concerned about these guys’ fee-fees than they are about getting it right.

    Speaking of which, I won’t watch the game from last week, but was the roughing the passer call on Anderson a bad call because of being blocked?


    • 92 Grad

      Our guy tripped, an SC player didn’t trip him on purpose, our guy just got tangled up as he rushed. It was a bullshit call.


  2. mwo

    Anderson was tripped by the outstretched leg of a SC lineman who was engaged in blocking another Dawg. Not sure if it was intentional or not but you can see him extend his right leg as Anderson bears down on him Anderson had a free run at the quarterback until he was tripped. Just my opinion but I thought it was a cruddy call. I sent a tweet to the SEC officiating site asking if tripping was legal but haven’t gotten a response or seen the tweet published.


    • Macallanlover

      I didn’t see it as “tripping” at all. The blocker was engaged in protecting the QB and Anderson ran into his leg, didn’t see the SC blocker extend his leg to contact Anderson. It was inadvertent to me, Anderson seemed focused on the QB and was not looking down at his path. It seemed Anderson would have contacted the QB higher but fell short and into the knee when after his legs hit the blocker. Nor surprised he got the flag, even though neither he nor the blocker were at fault for dirty play. Shockingly, Boom was somewhat of a prick about it, deferring comment when asked about it. The SC coaches knew damn well there was nothing dirty about it, they were lucky to get the PF penalty as it could have been deemed Anderson was blocked into Helinski.


  3. Salty Dawg

    Officials have got it made like the weather peeps. Call it wrong all you want, your job is secure!


  4. Uglydawg

    “The Big 12 issued a $25,000 fine and a public reprimand to Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt on Wednesday after he released a statement about an officiating error in the Red Raiders‘ loss at Baylor on Saturday…

    I think I know, but does that mean the fine is issued to Hocutt himself, or the institution? It reads like Hocutt is being personally fined and reprimanded.

    Either way, what if Hocutt refuses to play their game?
    What if he tells them to go pound sand?

    The 25K fine is measured to be just large enough to send a message but small enough to make legal recourse impractical. That’s what the clowns at the NCAA are counting on.
    A counter suit demanding the NCAA retract their statements, the fine, along with damages being paid to TT? That would make me happy.
    Hocutt could surely fine many instances where worse was said of officiating and no fine was levied against a school.
    An organization that will not allow itself to be criticized is an organization that will abuse it’s constituency or members and run rough shod over them.
    But the worse thing about the NCAA is it’s uneven handedness in policing and handing out punishment.


  5. Uglydawg

    Sorry, I realize the culprit is the Big 12…not the NCAA..but both are in the same league to me. But I did miss that it was the conference and not the NCAA that is screwing with fairness.


  6. I would pay it in loose pennies.