Tight quarters

Fromm is under the league average, at 8.02.  And that’s the bread and butter staple of Georgia’s passing game!  It’s a good illustration of how compacted an area Coley is having his offense operate within.

I’m not sure I’d necessarily chalk that up to manball, but it seems really conservative.  It’s also an indication they’re not really fooling defenses much.


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  1. stoopnagle

    Man, and we thought Mark Richt was the guy in the tighty whiteys. Woof. Find Kirby some boxers or get Mary Beth to convince him to go commando once in awhile or something.


  2. Ben

    I’ve been trying to pay attention to Fromm on the PA pass, and he hasn’t been coached to sell it as well as Murray and his predecessors did. I mean, as much as we complained about Richt and Bobo, at least they were QBs who knew how to develop a QB.


  3. Damn… the more you dive into UGAs passing stats, the more you come away realizing just how neutered it is. The reasoning is up for debate (I’m not sure where I place the blame, other than perhaps everywhere).

    But this offense looks like the perfect example of a paper tiger.


    • Maybe the passing game is off because we did not return anyone who had caught more than a couple of passes from last year?.


      • This is true, but it would help if we could scheme someone open. When is the last time that you’ve seen a UGA WR running free? We have no double moves, no switch releases, nothing.

        I am not “blame the OC guy”. I thought Bobo was great and Cheney was good. I even thought Schotty probably wasn’t as awful as he looked bc he was working with crap at QB and then Chubb went down.

        That said, Coley is awful and we can’t move in quickly enough. We have an offensive staff full of recruiters, we need a tactician somewhere and don’t have it.


  4. Paul

    So, based on these last few posts, what you’re saying is that despite the fact that we know from experience that Jake is a capable passer, we do not have a passing game this year.


  5. The Georgia Way

    If you’re a southern transplant who misses Big Ten football, rest assured it’s time to #COMMITTOTHEG.


  6. How many times can the Senator write “manball” in one week? Stay tuned…


  7. Our best four receivers are a transfer from Miami, who was hurt on Saturday, a transfer from Cal, who could not even get on the field last year, and two true freshmen who look physically outmatched so far. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that had Ridley or Hardman returned we might not be having this discussion.


    • Not to mention Holloman.


    • Greg

      We wouldn’t, biggest issue was receivers last game. But for some, just easier to blame it on Fromm. He didn’t have his best game….but we are really hurting at WR. Hope some freshman grow up quick, but we are still thin even if they do.

      Gonna have to go back what we do best, what we are built for….and that is a run first team. Not sure how we bounce back tomorrow, but my guess is….Kentucky is gonna be in for a hurtin’, if we do what we do best.

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      • Ldawg

        Against SC we threw almost exclusively to the margins and the SC DB’s were playing man and sitting on the out route hence we got zero separation. Don’t take my word for it read what Zeier said. Fromm was missing guys open over the middle all game. He did hit a few over the middle on the last TD drive for key 3rd downs. Conclusion, stop running it on 1st & 2nd down into a stack box against a team with really good front 7 (we ran it on 1st & 2nd down right up the gut 10 or 11 times just saying), and show some variety in the pass game. Coley needs to get the plays in faster I think it hurt Jake’s ability to make changes at the line. Finally protect Jake, he’s not the best under pressure.


  8. MGW

    Just because you CAN win that way doesn’t mean you MUST. You’re allowed to have more talent AND call plays that don’t require every single person on the field to beat their man to be successful.


  9. Mayor

    Does anybody know where Jeremiah Holloman is? Did he transfer? Where to? Is he sitting out? I think the guy still has 2 seasons of eligibility remaining.


  10. jtp03

    It’s easier to defend traditional play action play calls when our running game is dominated by a zone read handoff with no chance of the QB keeping it.