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It may not have been the prettiest game…

But I guarantee you the second half was the most erotic experience of Kirby Smart’s life.


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Your game day post is wet.

The only mystery for me tonight is whether the team comes out of its collective funk.  The weather pretty much dictates a manball night, and I’ve got no problem with that.  (Indeed, if both teams emphasize the run, a fast clock will be a godsend for a soaked crowd.)

Just don’t expect a lot of points.  Kentucky may not be great, but the ‘Cats haven’t given up 30 points in a game this season.  Georgia’s given up a max of 20 in a double-OT game.  I expect Kirby’s emphasis on not fucking up will play into a low scoring game.

But, again, I’m fine with that, as long as the team looks like it means business.  And Georgia will win if it merely plays competently.  I really don’t want to consider the alternative.

I assume Bowden will get the start for Kentucky.  If so, the emphasis on defense for UGA had best be on maintaining and containing the edge.

On offense, be prepared to welcome back Jake Fromm, the game manager.  I don’t expect to see much in the way of new stuff.  I do expect to see the o-line look more coherent and consistent than it did against South Carolina.  (I’m looking at you, Mr. Hill.)

Oh, yeah, it would sure be nice if special teams managed to avoid any adventures tonight.

Have at it in the comments, gang.


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A rainy night in Georgia

Kirby’s prepared.

Smart says the team has practiced for this environment as best it could.

“We like to get work out in the elements,” Smart said. “We don’t get a lot of opportunities. I like going in the rain probably once every two or three weeks, but if it’s lighting, I can’t.” So then you are not controlling it.

“But we have wet ball drill and we do it once every two weeks, it’s on a rolling schedule, so even if you’ve gone two or three weeks without a wet practice – we spray the ball down, and make the quarterbacks and receivers catch it, throw it, exchange it, (and) kickers, holders, snappers, punters …  everybody has to. We were doing it today, spraying it down, making it as hard as possible.”

After seemingly an entire month without rain, Georgia has seen an increase in storm activity this week.

“We try to get them acclimated as best you can to that,” Smart.

I predict there will be a lot of road grading tonight.

Zeier indicated the forecast for rain at Saturday night’s game against Kentucky should not concern Georgia fans, nor should they be worried the South Carolina loss was the start of a new trend.

“Rainy weather, with the way we can go play football, shouldn’t be a problem,” Zeier stated.

Plus, “the way we can go play football” is something else Smart’s gonna emphasize tonight.

“It’s always important up front that you can establish movement and displacement, is what I like to call it,” Smart said. “You can get displacement and that’s big. We had some good displacement last week. We just didn’t do it consistently.”

The rushing efficiency metric is based around situational goals, such as picking up short yardage or scoring touchdowns down by the goal line. A two-yard scoring run doesn’t do much for rushing average, but it’s very efficient.

Smart said the Bulldogs were at 56% efficiency against South Carolina. Last Saturday’s game was the first Georgia has lost under Smart with an efficiency over 50% according to the head coach, further highlighting the role the four Bulldog turnovers played in the game.

If you’re one of those who believes the less Fromm throws, the better Georgia’s chances are for winning, you ought to be happy with the likely gameplan against UK.


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Zeier, on last week

It echoes a lot of what’s been said here, but he’s been in the arena, so it sounds better coming from him.

“South Carolina has been able to get after quarterbacks, we’ve seen that, (so) I thought we were going to try to get the football out of Jake’s hands, utilize the quick game,” Zeier said. “I was a little surprised we didn’t get James Cook more involved in the football game.”

Zeier said “the blueprint is out right now, on how to attack us on the offensive side of the football,” and that “you’ve got defenses that are selling all out against the run.”

Indeed, Jake Fromm attempted a career-high 51 passes in the loss to the Gamecocks with a career-high three interceptions. Fromm who had not been intercepted in the first five games, also was sacked three times and fumbled away a center exchange.

It was not all on Fromm, but Zeier did not give his fellow quarterback a pass.

“It was probably the one time I’ve seen Jake Fromm miss reads, where we had guys running open, and all of the sudden if you hit that, if the correct read is made and you complete the pass on the seam or going outside, now all he sudden, you look like a genius when you’re calling plays,” said Zeier, who finished his career between the hedges in 1994 with 67 UGA records and 18 SEC marks.

“When you miss a couple of reads, make a  couple of bad throws, you drop a couple of passes, all those things add up to a bad game all the way around.”

Zeier said Fromm had his challenges on account of the Georgia receivers not creating separation.

“We are not creating space, so the windows that we’re having to throw the football into, in many cases it looks like an NFL game, where you’ve got elite defensive backs where your window is extremely small,” Zeier said.

“How do you help receivers get off the jam? Get them in motion, get them moving, so you don’t allow a defensive back to come up and get in your face where that first step you’ve got a problem,” Zeier said.

“You can also utilize slot receivers to get down the seam in quick fashion, get mismatches, get James Cook on the outside as opposed to having a receiver, force defenses into different looks than they are accustomed to, create mismatches with your alignment, and then get movements going and motions going to try to loosen up what defenses are trying to do.”

Forget about the tight ends… one of this season’s biggest mysteries is why Georgia isn’t utilizing James Cook more.


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Loran, what’ta you got?

The man, the legend…


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