Zeier, on last week

It echoes a lot of what’s been said here, but he’s been in the arena, so it sounds better coming from him.

“South Carolina has been able to get after quarterbacks, we’ve seen that, (so) I thought we were going to try to get the football out of Jake’s hands, utilize the quick game,” Zeier said. “I was a little surprised we didn’t get James Cook more involved in the football game.”

Zeier said “the blueprint is out right now, on how to attack us on the offensive side of the football,” and that “you’ve got defenses that are selling all out against the run.”

Indeed, Jake Fromm attempted a career-high 51 passes in the loss to the Gamecocks with a career-high three interceptions. Fromm who had not been intercepted in the first five games, also was sacked three times and fumbled away a center exchange.

It was not all on Fromm, but Zeier did not give his fellow quarterback a pass.

“It was probably the one time I’ve seen Jake Fromm miss reads, where we had guys running open, and all of the sudden if you hit that, if the correct read is made and you complete the pass on the seam or going outside, now all he sudden, you look like a genius when you’re calling plays,” said Zeier, who finished his career between the hedges in 1994 with 67 UGA records and 18 SEC marks.

“When you miss a couple of reads, make a  couple of bad throws, you drop a couple of passes, all those things add up to a bad game all the way around.”

Zeier said Fromm had his challenges on account of the Georgia receivers not creating separation.

“We are not creating space, so the windows that we’re having to throw the football into, in many cases it looks like an NFL game, where you’ve got elite defensive backs where your window is extremely small,” Zeier said.

“How do you help receivers get off the jam? Get them in motion, get them moving, so you don’t allow a defensive back to come up and get in your face where that first step you’ve got a problem,” Zeier said.

“You can also utilize slot receivers to get down the seam in quick fashion, get mismatches, get James Cook on the outside as opposed to having a receiver, force defenses into different looks than they are accustomed to, create mismatches with your alignment, and then get movements going and motions going to try to loosen up what defenses are trying to do.”

Forget about the tight ends… one of this season’s biggest mysteries is why Georgia isn’t utilizing James Cook more.


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13 responses to “Zeier, on last week

  1. spur21

    Wonder if Zeier has ever considered moving from the booth to the field. He seems to have a feel for the offensive side of football.


  2. Oh, I’ll take a stab at this one: bc Coley was promoted beyond his level of competence?


  3. Ozam

    Cook got one opportunity to run between the tackles last week (only because we went hurry up) and he made an incredible move to break off a long run. The play got called back and we never saw him again.

    I fear the transfer portal….

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    • 92 Grad

      Eh, maybe. If we lose another game i have a feeling that swift will sit out and wait for the draft. Cook will be needed, badly, next year.


    • dawgman3000

      Yep, and I don’t blame him if he does transfer. The way he has been used this season amounts to criminal negligence.


  4. Faltering Memory

    My fear is when Kirby is challenged, he doubles down.


  5. Macallanlover

    Motion to prevent receivers getting jammed? Sounds like advanced physics to Coley.

    Use of receivers last week + poor blocking + no running lanes + 4 turnovers + a QB out of sorts to = a disaster. It took all of that, plus a team not hungry enough and a coaching staff having their D game when an AA kicker mised a chip shot in Double OT to lose by 3 points. It isn’t like we aren’t decent, but we do have issues that must be addressed or we don’t make it to Atlanta. There is no cushion left for this team; not sure all the talent we have available will be enough.


    • A 42 yard field goal isn’t a chip shot. There’s a reason the stats typically break out at the 40 yard mark.

      How about blame the offense for not getting a damn yard in 2 overtime periods?


  6. addr

    Because the jet sweep to Simmons obviously works so much better.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I’m not as big of a Cook fan as some of you. He is fast, and can be elusive, but he isn’t that careful at protecting the ball, and he has tendency to want to write a check his body can’t cash. I hope I am wrong, because we need a little something out of him.


  8. Haven't Seen it

    I haven’t seen it. Maybe Cook has had a run or two, but I haven’t seen any sign that he needs more time or touches. Is this like the backup QB – always prettier than the starter? How about starting Z or Herrien and putting Swift at receiver. That kid has the hands and moves out in space.


  9. William J Ferguson

    Last year I was pissed at the “play Fields crowd.” Honestly, I was wrong. We are not in the NFL. Jake was exposed last week and the same way against LSU. Just stop our run and Kirby has no answer. Fields does open the offense. OUr offense is built to have close games – a turnover away from 1-2 losses every year = no championships.


    • We had 464 yards last week … take care of the ball. I’m not a big fan of the offensive strategy this year.

      I’m sure before last week you were saying, “Jake Fromm sucks.”