Coaching ’em up

Jeremy Pruitt, master motivator.

That’s what happens when you realize Vandy’s tied you in the divisional standings again.


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  1. PDawg30577

    Not a good look, but not enough for them to fire him with cause. He’ll give them something fire-with-cause-worthy before the season’s over, even if they have to manufacture it. I thought it was going to happen with that kid getting arrested and him doing his best Snuffy Smith impression on the phone with the cop, but apparently that’s not enough, either. Give Pruitt (and Fulmer) time. It’ll happen.


  2. Cojones

    If it’s your QB, it’s alright , except when Guarantano comes back at you disrespectfully by leaning back into your face with a reply. That is a look of having lost the respect of the one player you will need to finish the game. Of course, you could always put in your Freshman, but don’t think he’s walking erect just yet.


  3. The Dawg abides

    That stupid hurry up attempt on fourth down was a bigger flub than the QB’s fumble. They should’ve taken a timeout and at least tried to come up with a better play. Bama only scored one td on offense after Tua went down. The play really didn’t matter, but this easily could have been a 28-20 game. That one play was the difference between a 22 point win and an 8 point win at home against a pretty bad football team that lost it’s starting QB, that had recently given them a spark, early in the game.


    • That stupid hurry up attempt on fourth down was a bigger flub than the QB’s fumble. They should’ve taken a timeout and at least tried to come up with a better play.

      I think Jeremy was so incensed because the sneak was not the called play. They had a hole to the left, but JG took it upon himself to try this sneak business and be the hero. It worked out about as poorly as it possibly could have. If JG takes another snap, I would be shocked.


  4. Sashko1943

    Remember. It’s all about the kids; it’s about educating and teaching the kids.


  5. Doug

    October 21, 2019

    KNOXVILLE—A rapidly unfolding series of events that began with Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt grabbing a player’s face mask has ended with former coach Phil Fulmer taking the reins of the Volunteer football team for the first time in 11 years.

    In a hastily assembled press conference Sunday evening, Fulmer said it was “unacceptable behavior” for Pruitt to grab the face mask of quarterback Jarrett Guarantano during Saturday night’s 35–13 loss to top-ranked Alabama, and that as Tennessee’s athletic director, he had “no choice” but to dismiss Pruitt with cause.

    “I made plenty of mistakes during my time as a coach, but you can’t mistreat your players,” said Fulmer, who won two conference titles and a national championship as Tennessee’s coach from 1992 to 2008. “Coach Pruitt’s a good man, and I know he wishes he’d handled that differently. But that was a clear indication we needed to make a change.”

    Pruitt was already a target of heavy criticism for the Volunteers’ 2–5 start, their worst since 1988. In his place, Fulmer announced himself as interim coach for the remainder of the 2019 season, expressing reluctance but describing the move as “a sacrifice I felt compelled to make for the good of the Tennessee program.”

    “This isn’t how I wanted to get back into coaching again,” Fulmer said. “I’d intended to spend this stage of my life focusing on family. But Tennessee is my family too, and when a member of your family is hurting, you do whatever is in your power to help.”

    When asked whether the interim tag was likely to become permanent, Fulmer said he had no plans to make such a move at the end of the season, but [cont’d page C3]

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  6. Guarantano is guano.

    I’m not surprised Orangeneck blew a gasket then. With all of the Bama privilege that was being handed out last night in T-town (that unnecessary roughness penalty was tame compared to what that Bama player did to Jake in the CFPCG), that was the chance to lose control.


    • ASEF

      SEC officiating has been a disaster across the board this season. Missed calls left and right, BS calls left and right. We’re hitting the same point I reached in basketball, where as a fan with 40 years of viewing under my belt, I have no clue what a crew would call game to game.