Fabris Pool results, Week 8

Another scintillating 10-0, no tiebreaker needed, finish this week.  Congrats to IMOPEN for that.

And, your seasonal standings now look like this:

Screenshot_2019-10-21 Fun Office Pools


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2 responses to “Fabris Pool results, Week 8

  1. I don’t gamble and this pool has convinced me that I have no business gambling, as I am terrible at this.


  2. Macallanlover

    Gambling is actually easier than this pool. In betting on CFB you only have to pick/bet the best games you can find, be it 1, 3, 4, or 5 games, you don’t have to pick games you have no feel for at all. Of course some fools don’t get that, and try to pick 10-12 games a week rather than finding the very best of all the choices.

    You could always do what some negative nellies I know who select the best winners they can let’s say 5 of their very favorites, then pick the other side using the idea that normally miss more than they hit. Yes, they are certified degenerates at that point as they feel they just need some action on games.