“It’s socialism, right?”

Florida AD Scott Stricklin’s solution for solving the player compensation problem?  Moar antitrust violations!

No, really.

“One of the problems we have from an optics standpoint is our athletes aren’t in a free-market setting,” Stricklin said. “They’re in a socialist setting. But yet we have coaches coaching them who are in the ultimate free-market setting. It’s really an uncomfortable dichotomy.

“If Congress wanted to cap coaches’ salaries and administrative salaries in college athletics, I’d have no problem with that. I think it’s un-American, but so is the system we have for student-athletes. It’s socialism, right? But it’s socialism in the name of providing opportunity in an academic setting that makes some kind of sense.

“So if they want to cap our salaries and then create a trust for athletes to tap into once they receive their college degrees, in addition to the tax-free, debt-free education they’re getting and we feel like it’s worthwhile, maybe that’s something [worth doing].”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, except when you’re a college athletics administrator.  Really, I weep for this country sometimes.


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  1. Socialism is only a problem when the “others” are benefiting from it.


    • Macallanlover

      No, socialism doesn’t become an unmanageable problem until you run out of other people’s money. To equate the macro seriousness of full blown socialism in a society to this one sliver of dividing some funds in CFB is stupid and shallow; sort of what we have come to expect from ADs, NCAA leaders, college presidents, etc.


  2. Derek

    In the nfl, the roles are reversed.

    Socialism for the owners.

    Law of the jungle for the players.

    Stricklin is correct that it IS the obscene amount of money in college sports that is driving this debate and may well ruin the sport.

    Any off ramp is worth debating before it’s too late imho.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I totally get the juxtaposition he articulated. The right move would have been to endow the hell out of everything you could endow with the windfall of cash coming in to these programs. Spartan facilities, maybe even no indoors, reasonable coaching salaries….….

      All these SEC and Big10 state universities could have had a proverbial little brother to the state Lotto system and really put a plug in the busting dam that is tuition and overhead at some of these schools.


  3. Argondawg

    “If Congress wanted to cap coaches’ salaries and administrative salaries in college athletics, I’d have no problem with that.”

    WTF is he even talking about? I am guessing there is a number that we would all think was quite fair that Strickland would scream bloody murder about. This is not how this works. Let it all be free market. If a coach is worth 15 mil a year then pay the man. Just don’t act like the stud QB that is helping make his careeer is only worth a scholarship and stipend. I am fine with the student athlete filing a form on all of his endorsements and earnings through the university as long is there is not a cap there.

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  4. Reverend Whitewall

    AD’s would love a cap on coaches salaries because then they couldn’t be taken to the woodshed by Sexton in negotiations.

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  5. Kevin Winkler, DVM, DACVS

    And the next lawsuit magically appears…. restraint of trade by capping salaries. Ignorance of prior law. smh


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    “Hi, This is Kirby Smart, coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, and I like Ford trucks.”

    Hi, This is Jake Fromm (affiliation omitted) and I like Ford trucks.”

    One is ok to say and pay thousands for. The other is feared as being the end of civilization.

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    • The Dawg abides

      I asked this before here. Under current NCAA rules, is Fromm allowed to promote and make appearances for his parent’s pool store in Warner Robins if he doesn’t get paid a thing?


    • Derek

      “Hi this is Governor Kemp and I like Exxon!

      All of my suits actually have Exxon embroidered right on the back!”

      Why would anyone object?

      Status and position are irrelevant always if you stop thinking.


    • chopdawg

      If Jake is allowed to get paid by Athens Ford to say on TV how much he likes Athens Ford trucks, what’s to stop him from suddenly liking Tuscaloosa Ford trucks even more? Even during the season? Maybe right before the SECC game?


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Cap coaches salaries form the institution and have the remainder paid directly by boosters, same way GA high school coaches are paid. Limits the liability the school has and if yellow lumber wants to pay Saban $100 mil a year to leave Bama go for it.

    ADs should be paid on a sliding scale based on the number of contract buy outs of coaches they hire. Basically if you spend big bucks on a coach that doesn’t work out and the school has to buy out his contract for x number of yrs. then your pay gets cut by an amount. Some type of accountability is needed.

    Let the SA get what he can get from local endorsements and the like and let the funds run through a school paid legal firm to protect the school and the SA. The “school funded agent” should be able to keep a modest amount just like any legal firm or agent.


  8. Gaskilldawg

    The idea will not benefit the players but it would not violate the anti-trust laws. He said Congress should enact such s rule. Since Congress passed the Sherman Act Congress Act Congress can make exceptions.