PAWWWLLL!!! flinging poo

Funny, I hear people say the same thing about your show.


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  1. Bigshot

    Says the Jerry Springer of CFB. But just for the record I think Harbaugh is a fraud.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Jimmy Sexton must want the Michigan contract.


  3. Bright Idea

    At least Finebum is fair. He disses SEC coaches too at every chance. It’s unreal that the SEC hangs their name on that shit show 4 hours daily. Especially the callers.

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  4. mwo

    He still on the air?

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  5. Michael

    Here are Michigan’s SP+ rankings over time:

    2019 – 14th
    2018 – 10th
    2017 – 13th
    2016 – 6th
    2015 – 10th
    ***** Hoke to Harbaugh
    2014 – 42nd
    2013 – 39th
    2012 – 13th
    2011 – 15th
    ***** RichRod to Hoke
    2010 – 45th
    2009 – 40th
    2008 – 62nd
    ***** Carr to RichRod
    2007 – 28th
    2006 – 8th
    2005 – 19th

    Fuck off, Finebaum.


    • elloyd18

      I have no strong opinion on Harbaugh either way but in Pawl’s defense here, we’re talking about the winningest program in CFB history. 1 finish in SP+ Top 10 shouldn’t really cut it. And in all of those seasons (and current AP poll this week), their poll ranking is lower than SP+ ranking…


  6. I do like those frames from the Elton John Collection he’s sporting.

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  7. Ben

    Michigan is gonna screw around and beat Ohio State this year, aren’t they?


  8. Mayor

    I dunno. Harbaugh was a pretty good HC at Stanford and USD before Stanford. I’m beginning to think Michigan has become a graveyard.


    • Bigshot

      Kind of like UGA in that they are destined never to win a National Championship. If something can go wrong it will at UGA.


  9. Muttley

    Everything about Finebaum’s personality, show, and career are a product of one thing: his ghastly misshapen head. He sees it every morning when he brushes his teeth, cries for an hour, and spends the rest of the day lashing out at normal people, like a Victor Hugo character.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    He can say that because he’s coached a team to the super bowl…


  11. Random smattering of Harbaugh’s win-loss record against specific teams in his 4.5 years at Michigan:

    Ohio St 0-4

    Notre Dame 0-1
    SCar 0-1
    Utah 0-1
    Florida St 0-1

    Iowa 1-1
    Mich St 2-2
    Wisc 2-2

    Florida 2-1
    Penn St 3-2

    Winning record against just one of his major conference opponents, Penn State. And an abysmal 0-4 record against his greatest rival, Ohio State.



  12. ASEF

    Harbaugh really went out of his way to put that target on his back, especially with SEC audiences. He’s been in sports long enough to know that if you’re going to talk some trash, you better be able to back it up with some Ws.

    It would be kind of epic if his brother won the Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson while Khakis Man gets canned running a Paleolithic offense and surrendering 60+ to Ohio State again.


  13. Timphd

    I could pick up the yellow pages of sports commentators, close my eyes, and pick a better one than Pawl.


  14. Speaking of sports commentators… I know he doesn’t do a whole lot on college football, but Dan Patrick is the only “must listen” for me. He’s the best, and there isn’t really a second-place in my book. I CAN’T STAND sports talk, in general. But DP is the one truly exceptional exception.

    I catch his radio show (via podcast) every day. Not only good sports talk — world class entertainment. =D

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