The end of a streak

This is some stat.


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8 responses to “The end of a streak

  1. It will make exactly NO difference for two reasons. One, look who they (BAMA) play…. Arkansas and an off week . Two , Tua ain’t hurt , the video of him walking down the tunnel with trainers I see absolutely no hint of a limp. It is time for the master strategist to rest his starters and protect his one irreplaceable player.


  2. Biggen

    They really caught a break playing Ark and then a bye.

    But Tua is a bit of a glass canon. I’m sure LSU LBs will be licking their chops to get him.


  3. Wasn’t Tua out for a few weeks with the same injury last year? Is this one of those “Hurts isn’t a backup” things, even though he was the backup?


    • Derek

      No. Tua didn’t miss a start.

      He got dinged vs. Mizzou and UT but started then we broke him but he started in the playoffs.


  4. William J Ferguson

    Tua had surgery – there is weird talk of him not sitting out, ie Bosa


  5. practicaldawg

    I thought The Process was immune from injuries. Jalen Hurts’s departure is now officially official.


  6. Former Fan

    That suggest the Bama OL has been pretty dog gone good.