Victim of circumstance

This is some story:  a high school football player gets suspended for the first game of the season because of an ejection in the state playoffs last year but changes his name, class and jersey number and plays anyway.

Of course, the ruse is discovered — his tats gave him away! — and the school penalizes itself by cancelling its season and canning the entire coaching staff.

And it’s here that I introduce you to the head coach… er, former head coach.

Jackson, as well as head coach Brandon Gregory, both went along with the lie that the junior didn’t play, despite him actually putting up 109 yards on the ground and scoring a 56-yard touchdown in the 32-21 win.

Gregory told the Post-Dispatch that the imaginary freshman Burks, “earned” the start and that “it was his time to play ball.” Jackson also put his acting skills to the test, telling the newspaper that “watching last week, it wasn’t fun at all. It gave me a spark.”

… Gregory said after the news was made public that “a mistake was made.”

He also said that he did not know Jackson should have been suspended for a game.

“That’s kinda my wrongdoing of not knowing the rules and that he shouldn’t have not sat out the jamboree, he should have sat out week one so that’s what happened” he said.

As for the coach’s defense of Jackson wearing a different jersey, Gregory said “that’s a thing our kids do on the regular basis, you know, they try to change jersey numbers and sometimes don’t let us know.”

This dude’s wasting his talents coaching high school football.  Clearly, he’s got a bright future in politics.


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17 responses to “Victim of circumstance

  1. Godawg

    This is why kids should not be allowed to get tattoos until they’re 21.

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Notre Dame might have to cancel Burks’ official visit.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    My quick reaction was that the school got a little carried away canceling the season, but I think they were right to fire the coaches, so how would the team operate without coaches.


  4. MGW

    I’m so sorry that you got upset about that. My bad for you making such a big stink about it when I maybe didn’t know the rules but I did the right thing like I always do. It is what it is. Are you finished?


  5. SCDawg

    The cross examination kind of writes itself, doesn’t it?


  6. Tony Barnfart

    Passive voice….. leading indicator of [everything I just said is total bullshit]…. errr [some things that were said lacked candor]


  7. Derek

    The exit interview:

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    This is what happens when a coaching staff watches too many clone movies.


  9. Former Fan

    When it becomes about winning at all cost, then something is wrong. And that’s true no matter what league one plays in. College ball is very close to that mark now. Players get processed when coaches make bad evals. Coaches get fired when AD’s make a bad hire. Or even worse, admin refuses to support coaches and fires a 10+ win a year coach who has to pay his assistant coaches out of his own pocket. Of course, in that case, winning at all cost probably means winning the profit game more than it means winning the ball game.

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  10. Napoleon BonerFart

    I think the coach is perfectly suited for Steve Shaw’s position. “A mistake was made.”


  11. The Dawg abides

    See, they just didn’t get creative enough. Instead of the jersey, the kid should have changed genders. Say he just decided to live as a female. No surgeries or hormones, just grow out the hair a little and instead of becoming Marvin Burks, be Michelle Burks. An entirely new person, Bill Jackson doesn’t exist anymore, so no suspension exists. The school and their governing athletic body would be too chicken shit to touch the issue, so the kid just goes on playing. Perfect plan.


  12. I know of a certain high school football coach who dressed several star players from his varsity team in different numbers and played them against a cross-town rival in a B-team game. As expected, the rival took a serious beating.


  13. Ricky McDurden

    Can’t wait for the revelation that the coach had previously written a book titled, “Disguising and Playing Suspended Players and Me: (This Sort of Thing Is My Bag, Baby)”


  14. WHB209

    So Urban is back coaching using the name Brandon Gregory.


  15. BuffaloSpringfield

    The entire staff should be hired by Steve Shaw and by Saturday officiating SEC games. Really can it get worse…….the mugging that the UF player got away with…..on the TD pass….. that entire crew should be fired + Where does this end. Pruitt had just cause.
    I have hate for Blue and Orange of any color but that was dismal; Yet the talking heads in the booth ignored any mention of said deeds.
    College football is imploding. I listen to the radio and at least commercials are of a local nature and you don’t have back to back Dr. Pepper and Taco Bell playing 5 times in a TV time out. Then again the AD’s gotta make the money to pay Sexton. Is there any coach in the SEC he doesn’t represent. Bet he does’t give a damn about football except for the $$$$$ he’s making for his grand children’s children….. Free market my A$$.