Bowl eligibility über alles


And their ADs probably wonder why fans aren’t flocking to watch every week.  Go figure.


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20 responses to “Bowl eligibility über alles

  1. But really. Who wants to go to Wisconsin? I think a few of this are a factor of location location location


    • Russ

      LSU went there. An early game in Madison would be nice. Pretty town, nice fall weather for a few weeks in September. After that, no way.


    • Bat City Dawg

      this is a weird take.. sorry Chuck. Madison is widely known to be an amazing place


    • Bulldog Joe

      I’ve been there a few times. Pregame at Union South, the Fifth Quarter, and the bars are fun but they play too many 11:00am games.


    • Doug

      Spent a weekend in Madison for the UW-Minnesota game one year. Cold as hell, snow on the ground, but we had a blast. People there are friendly, and we ate and drank like Game of Thrones royalty. Wouldn’t mind doing a home-and-home with them one of these days.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Wisconsin in November would be rough, but the Big Ten plays their nonconference games almost exclusively in September and it would be nice up there.


  2. Mark

    Eh. Most (not all) of the teams on that list are not exactly traditional powerhouses. Where else but FCS are they going to go for their annual servings of cupcake?


  3. It’s troubling to me that in a purported (or at least implied) alphabetical listing that someone would put Arizona after Arkansas. As the Senator is known to say, that “Z” must be doing a lot of heavy lifting there.


  4. Bob

    Actually a lot of folks would like to go to Camp Randal Stadium. It is an atmosphere like few others and Madison is usually right up there with Athens. Bama has a home and home coming up with them.

    Also remember that the PAC 12, Big 12 and now the Big Ten teams already have 9 conference games. Not an excuse for them at all, but beats the excuses of a ton of SEC and ACC teams who really love cupcakes.

    And of course Alabama has played exactly 4 non Conference Power 5 teams away from Tuscaloosa and those so called neutral site stadiums since 2000. That is more than weak.


  5. Otto

    As the chant goes shame.. shame… shame…


  6. Doug

    I’m honestly surprised there are only two SEC teams on that list.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Gee, no wonder Wisconsin wets the bed against at least one inexplicable Big Ten team every year like clockwork. Their nonconference schedule has no hope of getting them ready.


  8. Harold Miller

    Kind of surprised the Turds weren’t on there.


    • Anonymous

      Playing Free Shoes U helps them in that regard. They also play Miami on a regular basis. As long as they don’t schedule more than 1 FCS team per year, they would never fall into this category. #FTMF though.


  9. Nashville West

    What’s pathetic is the small number of times some of the schools on that list have been bowl eligible even with a cupcake diet.