Down is up and up is down.

According to Kirby Smart, everything we know about Georgia football right now is bass-ackwards.

A struggling offense?  Pshaw.

“I feel really good about what our offense does. I feel good about Jake. To judge it based on that game is just not very smart. It’s hard to judge anything in that game. You can’t evaluate that. What you’ve got to evaluate is what is your heart, what is your courage, what is your love of the game. Think about those wideouts in that game. That’s for the love of the game is what’s that for. George Pickens, Kearis Jackson, those guys going out there and block. That’s for the love of the game. You evaluate things based on what’s going on around them. What’s going on around them is a tough environment. I could have told you two days ago we weren’t going to go out there and throw it for 200 yards in those conditions. We had to put a plan together to give us the best chance to be successful. I thought we did a good job.”

It’s all about love, baby.

Meanwhile, that defense — you know, the one that’s on pace to some things it’s never done, historically speaking — it’s pretty good, right?

Wrong, bacon breath.

“Extremely sloppy in the last game, and you know, it’s sad, because you guys control the noise. But when you watch that tape, there’s a lot more concern. Tackling, gap fits, if you went to a coach and said ‘watch this game,’ they would come in and say, ‘that is atrocious, tackling, fits, eye discipline, leverage, blockers,’ but walking around, whistling by the graveyard that everything is fine and we’re just OK, and we’ve got good defensive numbers, and that’s not the case when you watch the true integrity of it. You can’t judge it based on, number one, statistics, you can’t judge it based on a kid playing in the pouring down rain that’s not a quarterback, so, we haven’t been tested in that regard.”

No love there.  Kirby’s worried about rat poison.  So forget what you think, Dawgnation.


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26 responses to “Down is up and up is down.

  1. dawgxian

    There is a logic to it. You don’t want your offense demoralized or your defense conceited

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  2. I think Kirby is being more honest with regards to the defense than fans want to believe.

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    • Macallanlover

      I agree. Not saying much of what they have done has looked fine on the surface certainly the run defense looks pretty solid. But we really haven’t faced much offense to really know. There are signs we have some pass defense issues, and we still allow players to break contain too often for big plays. We will know soon enough, just hope we have shored up our pass defense, especially over the short, middle area.

      I know we have had some CB injuries contribute to the weakness but we look to be getting healthier again. Worry most about LBs in coverage and soft cushions with our corners, a patient offense can find a lot of success with what I have seen. Hope the stats are right and we are great on defense all year because we don’t look like we are ready to get into any shootouts.


      • Georgia is 4th in the nation in stop rate (drives that end in a TO or punt or missed FG). But it’s 58th in 3-and-out %. For context, here are the top-15 teams per stop rate with their 3-and-out % ranking. See if you can spot the outlier.

        Wisconsin (2)
        Ohio State (5)
        Penn State (8)
        Georgia (58)
        Clemson (4)
        Iowa (12)
        Missouri (1)
        San Diego St (7)
        Oregon (14)
        Utah (17)
        UAB (9)
        Michigan (20)
        Auburn (13)
        Virginia (19)
        Navy (16)


        • Yeah, but notice that UGA ranks third in Brian Fremeau’s defensive efficiency ratings. They are playing superb bend but not break D. Only shortcoming is turnovers.


          • While that is true the net effect is to most always force the offense to have to move a long way to score. I agree with Kirby on the defense. Lack of 3 and outs can make a big difference in the outcome of a game.


            • David H.

              I agree — that hurt us a lot in the South Carolina game. The defense would give up a couple of first downs and SC would move the ball out to midfield or so. We’d typically force a punt at that point, but their punter would pin us at the 10 or 15. Our offense was continually having to drive most of the length of the field against SC (and also in the first half against Kentucky).

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  3. Salty Dawg

    I don’t think the defense was that awful. It seems more like a distraction tactic to me. Look at this! Don’t look at that! Look over here!


  4. Spike

    You gonna believe your lyin’ eyes?


  5. NCDawg

    The comments on the offense sound eerily similar to Butch Jones. Ami right?!


    • ugafidelis

      We have a five star offense WITH five star hearts. They’re going to love our opponents into submission. Kill them with kindness.


  6. Boz

    CKS playing some three dimensional Jedi mind tricks… “To judge [the offense] based on that game is just not very smart” but “if you went to a coach and said ‘watch this game,’ they would come in and say, ‘that [defense] is atrocious”.

    Praise be to He if the Dawgs beat UF next weekend…


  7. Geezus

    I love how he says “You can’t judge the offense based on that last game …”

    Maybe not, but we can judge it on the last two, or even the last three. Vanilla and predictable. Coley is in WAY over his head.


  8. gastr1

    Why can’t he be this honest about the offense?


  9. The other Doug

    I believe we can now proceed with confidence that anything Kirby says to the media should not be taken too seriously.


  10. ASEF

    “Reality isn’t what you see. It’s what I say it is.”

    Kirby has a future in politics.


  11. Dave

    This is just him telling his team and everybody else, “Offense, keep your heads up and keep trying to improve, defense, don’t rest on your laurels and think you got everything licked.”

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  12. Mike Cooley

    I was thinking Monday what a contrast we are seeing in Kirby. When things were going a little better in ‘17 and last year he was never satisfied. There was always something to harp on. Now that we look pretty shaky, at least offensively, he’s turned into Baghdad Bob.


  13. It’ll all come out in the wash. We’re going to know a lot more post Florida.


  14. AceDawg

    It is a tried and true method when done correctly, and Kirby is pretty good at it (re: knocking players off of their high horse). I know we were depantsed by SC two weeks ago, but damnit, I’m not changing my preseason tune to what will transpire in Jacksonville. Florida will be hungry and arrogant. UGA will be hungry and poised. The advantages we hold all across the field with perhaps one exception (their DBs vs. our WRs) is real. I can’t be certain UGA will get it’s offense rolling, but odds are in their favor based on Kirby’s response in recent years. Coley has two weeks with Fromm and the offense to make it happen.


  15. David H.

    Yeah, it’s motivational coaching 101. Boost them up when they have reason to doubt themselves, and criticize them to keep them from getting a big head when the outside world is praising them.