The perfect is the enemy of SEC officiating.

Greg Sankey can kiss my ass with this sanctimonious horse crap.

In his book, Gridiron Genius, NFL executive, analyst and author Michael Lombardi offers this summary of football, “After is all said and done, football is really a game of surprises.”

And yet, in this game of surprises, we ask for perfection.

Perfection from our coaches and student-athletes, and perfection from the game officials who are called upon to instantly apply the rules in real time on every play.

The Southeastern Conference is entrusted with supporting an officiating program that is responsible for calling the games of our member schools. We take this duty most seriously.

We view perfection as our desired goal while also understanding it will always be an elusive standard in a game that is filled with surprises. And we are disappointed when we don’t get it right. Because our goal is to get it right, every time.

Nobody’s expecting perfection, Greggy.  What we are expecting is routine competency.  And you know where that starts?  With the SEC spending some of the loot rolling in from TV contracts on training, making officials full-time at their jobs, adding staff if it improves the work on the field, etc.

Maybe try setting your sights lower than some absurd desire for perfection and see where it gets you.  Assuming you really care, that is.


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41 responses to “The perfect is the enemy of SEC officiating.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Unfortunately my friends, competence isn’t routine. 😉


  2. Otto

    Competency and consistency are the goals which we are not seeing but we are seeing trends of bias.


  3. Debby Balcer

    Well said Senator


  4. dawgfan1995

    I’d settle for being consistent for just one type of call: pass interference.

    I’m sure Will Muschamp would agree.


  5. Biggus Rickus

    At least he didn’t argue that human error is part of the game. Though the “game of surprises” thing is treading pretty close to it.


  6. Uglydawg

    Meanwhile, The U. of Alabama and the U.of Florida have issued statements that they just don’t see the problem.


  7. LakeOconeeDawg

    ‘Game of Surprises”……….I’ll say! I was very surprised that a player held another player for 50 yards and it wasn’t called, then, Mr Independant Matt Austin agreed with the no call. Yep…….Surprises all around.

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    • Down Island Way

      You are correct Sir…that official who saw the holding , put chose not to yellow flag the offender was “surprised” he held the opposition for that long…no sense in flagging an obvious play, lets flag plays that haven’t been called in a month of saturdays…Tyler Simmons WAS on sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Matt Austin made a part of income as an SEC referee for many years. He’s probably got a an SEC retirement benefit(s) as well. Hard to bite the hand that feeds you, huh Matt?


  8. Bob

    I used to think that getting professional officials would help. After watching the NFL over the past couple of years, I can easily be convinced that is not the answer either. At least he didn’t apologize. I guess following in the footsteps of Matt Austin.


    • Biggus Rickus

      The only real solution is robots.


      • Mayor

        No. The answer is truly non-biased officials and review of all plays including penalties as well as no calls. We’re already there with the new targeting rules. Kid leads with his head but doesn’t get a flag on the field, the tv ref can get him. Or reverse it if he did get flagged but it isn’t deemed targeting. It shouldn’t be that ANY call cannot get reviewed. All calls as well as no call should be reviewed.


  9. ASEF

    it’s teeth-grinding frustrating to see them missing them same calls season after season. And to routinely fall victim to crowd bias. Example: Why is Auburn so tough at home? The officials hate to whistle them in that venue. See it year after year.

    Final note: if you don’t want to be the deciding factor in a big game, then don’t change the rule book and go for the “just let the players decide the game” cop out. You decided it by changing the rule book and failing to inform both teams.

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  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    You can’t make officials full time. They’ll just spend the extra money on video games, tats and weed. They signed up for this…covered travel expenses, Holiday Inn / Motel 6 accommodations, free lunch at the stadium, cool uniforms, whistle and flags. It would ruin college football amateurism if we make them full time. If they want to be full time, they can just go work for the NFL.

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  11. The Dawg abides

    At the very least, have each crew professionally and objectively graded on games. Then set up a matrix with a minimum standard to meet or the crew is benched for the next week.


  12. Former Fan

    Have you seen the missed holding call, and missed false start call in the USC vs UF game? Here they are on the same play. And UF scored a long TD run on it.


  13. Derek

    Wouldn’t transparency go a long way?

    Why not have these guys address the media when something like the above happens or when Tyler Simmons is obviously onside?

    Part of the reason we don’t trust them is that we’re asked to take whatever we get and when it’s horribly fucked up and seems to always benefit the team closest to the SEC office, it raises questions that no one answers and no one in the know is supposed to talk about.

    (Btw: I know the Simmons ref was a big ten guy.)

    I know that if we match up vs Alabama in the postseason again, I’m not going. Because those stripes will fuck us again. I can’t take a third time. I hope LSU beats alabama. At least we’ll have a chance.


  14. Move the league offices out of Birmingham and you’ll see some of these changes.

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  15. ApalachDawg

    Mr Sankey, Coach Muschamp holding (the back of a jersey) on line 1. He wants to express his thoughts on your take re: perfection.


  16. I agree. Great post sir.


  17. jhorne2000

    I’ve never understood the full time argument. What the heck are they supposed to do during all that time, presumably 40 hours per week ? Perpetual continuing education ?


  18. BuffaloSpringfield

    Hats off to you Senator but finding a method of true consistency would more difficult or as finding a honest man to a VOTE for and unlike said officials. The Left or the Right has the same consistency of all of our Political Geniuses.


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