A different kind of cannon shot

It appears that Greg Sankey’s whining isn’t resonating in Columbia, South Carolina.

I tell you what — for all his faults, if Boom gets in a fight with the SEC over officiating and calls a spade a spade in the process, I’ll take back every snarky thing I’ve ever said about him.


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11 responses to “A different kind of cannon shot

  1. Boom had better watch it … not for the fine but for the PWSC penalties from the fair, objective charges led by Steve Shaw.


  2. Mayor

    Every coach in the SEC not named Saban and Mullin (the beneficiaries of this corrupt system) should go on national television and expose what is going on. What does it say about US that we allow it to continue?

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  3. He isn’t wrong for once.


  4. Spike

    Speaking for me.. Boom is such an asshole I might even root for Sankey. I’ll show myself to the door..


  5. Bright Idea

    The killer on that long hold in their Florida game was former ref Matt Austin defending it on the broadcast because “the defender made no effort” What about the holding calls 20 yards behind a runner, Matt? Will those now be ignored?

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    • Russ

      Exactly. How many returns are called back because of holding 40 yards from the play? Happens every week.

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    • 79Dawg

      No shit – it’s hard to make a whole lot of effort to close-in on the runner when the blocker has his arms on your jersey holding you off…


    • jt10mc (the other one)


      I was yelling at him through the TV of course…and my wife said “are you watching us play SCar again????”



  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    I cheer Boom for this…and still hate him. At UGA, you can do that!


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, he is dead to me. Being right on this pretty low-bar target doesn’t make up for him slamming the school that trained, cared, and developed him for a few shekels. I call that a selling your soul, and just being a ho.

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