Today’s semi-meteor game

If you haven’t been paying attention — and, really, who could blame you for that? — the South Carolina-Tennessee series has been amazingly close for years now.

The Gamecocks have won the past three series meetings by a combined 12 points, the Vols won the three before that by a combined eight points and the matchup has not been decided by more than two touchdowns since 2009.

Whatever the reason for that, I don’t think it’s this:

“This matchup is always close and always a nail-biter, because they’re a good team, we’re a good team and good teams always fight it out until the very end,” Tennessee senior outside linebacker Darrell Taylor said.

Yeah, I’m not going with that, Darrell.  Sorry.

And how about this factoid?

Will Muschamp has never lost to Tennessee as a head coach, going 4-0 at Florida prior to winning the past three with the Gamecocks.

Between that and the Vanderbilt streak, these have definitely been the glory years for Vol football.  Today’s meeting has all the makings of a classic.


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13 responses to “Today’s semi-meteor game

  1. Greg

    You mean we lost to a bad team?? Oh LAWD, what in the wide world of sports does that make the dawgs…


  2. practicaldawg

    Boom’s 7-0 record against Tennessee as a HC is more comical than impressive. It’s been quite a century for the Vlols so far.


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    Actually for a fan of football it will be a plus over the UGA-Kentucky game


    • Macallanlover

      Not really, and not even close. But I do wish it were on at 7:30 instead of 4, I would like to see it more than Mizzou/KY, and ND/Michigan.


  4. Mayor

    The fact that Boom has never lost to UT says more about UT than it does about Boom.


    • Macallanlover

      But when Chump does lose to TN, he certainly does it in a spectacular way! I wouldn’t have been shocked at either team winning that game, they have both flashed good moments in their bad seasons prior to last night. But for SC to get shut out in the 2nd half, and outscored 24-0, that was a monumental collapse by the Cocks. More tough times for Boom coming this season couldn’t happen to a more deserving person; turncoat, low ethical person that he is. Karma asshole, wallow in it. He was gifted a life line when we dominated his team in every place but the scoreboard and on the turnover line, and he walked with a W. He has squandered away that goodwill with the Cock fans, and they are bailing rapidly, and justifiably.


  5. gastr1

    Coach O giving credit to Orbrun. Always a pleasure to see the Gus Bus run off the rails.


  6. Mark

    I can’t believe SoCar lost to these tomato cans. Makes our loss to them look even worse.



    • Legatedawg

      Agreed. Between the chickens’ loss to the tomato cans and the Irish getting boat-raced by the Harbaughs, our Dawgs’ resume took a serious hit. All will be forgiven, however, if they pull in the win over the lizards next Saturday and, even more dauntingly, grab one on the road at Auburn two weeks later. Really not sure what to make of Mizzou the Saturday in between. I guess that more than anything I’m worried that their losing to Vandy and Kentucky is just bad enough to give our guys a false sense of security between the two biggest SEC rivals.


  7. JasonC

    That joke about Georgia getting other teams best shots… 100% true regarding South Carolina.


  8. Is this our gameday thread?

    Anyone watch the LSU/Auburn game?

    Our offense trying to get anywhere against either of those defenses is a terrifying thought….. :/


  9. BuffaloSpringfield

    USCjr Loses to the Urange and the Golden Domer’s get ripped by drenched Kaki’s ……… we have a minus plus a minus as far as our schedule goes. Me thinks that the Top Ten is a beauty pageant seems like with all the upsets ….. if you wanna call them that UF will be #7 and UGA #8 we gotta sell ticket folks.
    Didn’t hurt me any to see the Horns get beat by the KSUer’s. Although last year was last year I still haven’t got over the fact of not showing up till the second half against those folks in New Orleans. The USCjr loss I will carry forever…….
    . No excuses, my thoughts either we get our shit together and play the next four weeks there is a 1/100 of a chance of being 4 that’s after a SECCG Win.
    We drop one and it’s gonna snow ball, people jumping ship, recruiting go way down. We have5 running backs and De’Andre is the leader, I guess. Herrien had back issues, Zeus had 3-4 carries,Cook and McIntosh were a non factor. If we gonna play the MANBALL game why do the need to learn pass protection if you got the ball in your hands. After all we got WR’s that can block just bring the sets in closer. I think the RB 5***** see the writing on the wall and we’d have done well to have went after Kobe Prior but hell we got all that flight time why not use it