Wanting it all when you can’t have it

I don’t know if he got stiffed on a hotel bill down there once, or has a piece of a bar in Athens, but Mike Griffith sure sounds peeved about Georgia’s inevitable decision to take the money Jacksonville offered.

If the Florida-Georgia football rivalry continues to be played in Jacksonville beyond 2021, one unintended consequence will be watered-down schedules at Sanford Stadium for several years.

Georgia plays home-and-home series with other SEC East Division teams, such as Vanderbilt, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and South Carolina. The Bulldogs’ annual West Division opponent, Auburn, also plays home-and-home.

But the UGA administration has painted themselves into a corner of sorts with their  non-conference scheduling…

Problem is, Mikey kinda buries the lede.

… UGA has contracts in place to play high-profile teams in Atlanta — not Athens — in coming seasons.

Georgia’s games in Atlanta are set for 2020 against Virginia, 2022 (Oregon) and 2024 (Clemson).

If you can play in Atlanta in 2020 and 2022, you sure could have chosen to schedule a home-and-home series instead.  Problem is, that doesn’t pay as well as the Kickoff Classic.

I know this is a hard concept for some to grasp, but if you want to gripe about the home schedule, don’t blame those of us who enjoy the tradition of the Cocktail Party, blame the driver of everything that runs college football.  Not that anyone’s gonna listen…


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31 responses to “Wanting it all when you can’t have it

  1. Bigshot

    If UGA is going to play an off campus game against UF every year, then they should NEVER play in a kick-off classic. It is not fair to the season ticket holder. I still have to contribute the same amount to get parking and less tickets for home games.


  2. jhorne2000

    Im asking this genuinely,

    How can a neutral site pay us more than what we’d make for a home game ? I don’t understand those economics. I know it must be true , but I don’t understand how.


  3. Bright Idea

    Playing in the ATL is a strange new tradition that we’re trying to cling to all of a sudden. Of course it’s about the $$$, and of course we will have to pay more for the Benz ambience without the prime tailgating environment. That’s what we should be bitching about.


  4. I made exactly this point yesterday. The home scheduling problem isn’t due to Jacksonville … it’s Atlanta (and I didn’t mean Fech). We shouldn’t have agreed to a one time neutral site game with UVA (sorry, Senator), but either they should have come to Athens once or do a 2-for-1. I have no idea why we’re playing Oregon in Atlanta unless Phil Knight has something to do with it (I’m scared to think what he may have up his sleeve for an alternate uniform – unless it’s a black jersey). We should have kept the home/home game with them. The only one that makes any sense is Clempson as part of the 3-game series … of course, I think Georgia and Clemson should play every year on campus (thanks, expansion & realignment).


  5. Bob

    I think the Kick off classic thing was the initial phase of Kirby’s more aggressive scheduling. First, slow down the big advantage Bama uses so often by coming into Georgia’s back yard while the Dawgs played William and Mary. These games were scheduled prior to most of the big up coming home and home series. They were better than nothing and scheduled in years when we only had 3 conference games. Kirby then opted for the home and home series…perhaps somewhat energized by the atmosphere and fans support in South Bend. In that regard, UGA has been the leader in out of conference scheduling and everyone else is following. But in the meantime, we have some really awful home schedules which does not help build up future fan support. The next time a Power 5 opponent not named the Trade School comes to Athens is 2026 when UCLA does. That is 7 years from now and that is pretty sad. No, not the cause of the Jacksonville game, but that one also removes our fiercest and usually best rival in the SEC.



    He needs some cheese


    • Macallanlover

      He needs a new job that doesn’t expose his inability to think. Don’t really know who he is but he doesn’t appear to think through things very well. No credit for the universally acknowledged “home and home is better than any non-traditional neutral site” thought. I also agree Atlanta is a bad place to watch football, except for the SECCG.


  7. Anonymous

    The people that want to change the Florida game to a Home and Home series bewilder me. Why in the name of all that is holy in this world would you want to invite those shit-apple swamp trash bastards to Athens? Do they really think this is what they Meyers Quad is missing?

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    • FlyingPeakDawg

      One reason for a limited series: We have a large debt to repay, with prejudice, while Spurrier is still alive.

      It’s not like 40,000 would be in Athens and the ATL is already polluted with them. Worth it to get Jax to cough up more $$$ too.


      • Down Island Way

        Dear FlyingPeakDawg,
        Brutha’, i’m with you 100 percentile on the payback with EXTREME PREJUDICE issue…any donations required to keep the ol’ ball sack alive, i’m your guy….#FTMF


      • HiAltDawg

        Yeah, Hatin’ Ass Spurrier spends his days fretting that Georgia is gonna get payback, with the EXTREME PREJUDICE. If anything it makes his Hatin’ Ass day that you losers think about that game. He OWNS you, HA!

        News Flash:

        Nobody on our roster was alive for that game or gives a good, giggly goddamn.
        Beating Florida in their Swamp doesn’t magically get us in the playoffs.
        Nobody (but bitches and turds) cares about Hatin’ Ass Spurrier’s act from 20+ years ago. He’s jabbering and hobbling around glad handing a bunch of nobodies living in the past (and I guess haunting the gutless somehow).
        My Inner Munson is telling me it’s the 2019 season and the Dawgs need to beat Florida THIS season, in the here and now to take control of the SEC East.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Replace patsies like Murray State & Arky State with P5 teams. It worked like a charm with Notre Dame. Problem solved!


  9. ATL Dawg

    Playing in an Atlanta neutral site game 3 times in 5 years is almost as damaging to the home schedules as playing one of your biggest games out of state every year (5 times in 5 years). Almost but not quite. After all, 5 is greater than 3. That’s simple math.

    But regardless of your agenda and where you want to shine the flashlight and focus the blame, the fact is that’s 8 neutral site games in 5 years. That’s a lot and is going to have a significant negative effect on your home schedules.

    I’ve brought this up several times and I’ll do it again – over the next 5 years (2020-2024), there are no good out-of-conference home games and the rotating west division teams coming to Athens are Arkansas (2021) and Ole Miss (2023). We’re all set for half a decade of pathetic home schedules. Should be interesting to see how season ticket demand goes.


    • Dawgoholic

      You understand that half the games against UF would be in Gainesville if we went home and home, right? So at best we are giving up 3 home games in 5 years. As a result though, we never have a road game against UF. It’s a wash. Sack up and go to Jax. The cost of the trip is similar to the cost of a football weekend in Athens.


      • Bigshot

        When they play a kick off game in Atlanta I am getting less for my contribution. Will they reduce what I have to contribute to get a parking place? We know the answer to that is, no.


      • ATL Dawg

        You’re right. We’re the home team in even years, so that’s 2020, 2022, and 2024. So this Jacksonville bullshit is not more damaging to the home schedules than the 3 Atlanta games. It’s equally damaging. Wow, that really changes the overall point.

        I go to Jax on a somewhat regular basis. I’ve been probably 9 times in the last 23 years or so. So take your sack up comment and cram it. Sack up and stop being afraid to play in Gainesville. Sack up and stop being so protective of your long weekend.


  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    The diver of the bus don’t ask for no ticket prices just get your donations ready and get on board so you can hear the big engine run. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


  11. Classic City Canine

    So glad that f—er Griffith can go pound sand for the next few years. He’s a waste of air and bandwidth who does nothing but piss on Georgia traditions while acting like a know-it-all. #FTMF


  12. TimberDawg94

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1995, and these Atlanta games infuriate me. These games in Athens would be like the ND game. An incredible atmosphere, with unbelievable excitement and great times. Instead, we get the likes of Murray State. The only reason to go to Atlanta is to play for a Championship. They won’t get one damn dime from me for these upcoming kickoff games in Atlanta. I know that there are plenty of people who will fill my slot, but they aren’t getting it from me.

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    • Its actually good real time experience to…go back to Atlanta. Familiarity.


      • TimberDawg94

        Umm..I don’t know. I think I would rather the team have some more familiarity of playing and winning more big time games against national powers in Sanford Stadium. Then you get to go on the road to their place and try to take over their stadium with a great road trip. Unless Tennessee comes back to power, having Auburn every other year and the once in a blue moon game against Alabama and LSU just isn’t cutting it. The Rose Bowl trip was absolutely amazing. I sure would like the opportunity to go to Michigan and play in the Big House and other places like that.


  13. jt10mc (the other one)

    Well he isn’t a UGA homer…he graduated from Michigan State University.


  14. Kirby has literally said he likes big openers.


  15. Mayor

    Obfuscation and disingenuousness Senator. The fact is Georgia loses 1home SEC game every other season because of the WLOCP. You can spin the rest of it any way you want but the forgoing is a fact.


  16. BuffaloSpringfield

    For those brave souls who can temper watching the Big10, Michigan which is by no means a top tier program in the Big 10 is wearing out Notre Dame’s Ass. Proving that UGA’s only prominent game is now against Vanderbilt. UGA will prolly be 8 and the UFer’s will be 7.
    Perhaps Coley cabin tell Kirby that you can throw the ballin unacceptable condition. The game in Athens looks like playing on the compared to the deiudge in Ann Arbor.
    Somethings wrong and two weeks off of practice. I don’t think even Wally and Goober help Kirby could fix the wheels on this bus.