The Corch abides.

Holy crap, the asshole is still fixated on The Celebration.

Meyer, who was the Gators’ coach at the time, infamously called two timeouts in the final minute to make sure then-UGA coach Mark Richt got a good long look at the 49-10 scoreboard.

“We had two (timeouts); I wish I had three, but we had two,” Meyer told The Buddy Martin Show this week.

“The one thing I want to add is that we came down in the pre-game meal. I’ll never forget. Usually I come in and I speak to the team before we get on the bus and go.  I came down, and as I walk into the room, all the players stand up and start going (wild). You could tell that team was on fire to play that game.

“And (the game) started, if you could remember, from the first snap (when two Florida defensive players) hit (UGA running back Knowshon Moreno), that this was going to be a long day for them (Georgia).”

Why did Meyer want to get payback at Mark Richt? Because the year before, Richt allowed his entire team to run on the field after UGA’s first score to celebrate together in the end zone in what was dubbed “The Gator Stomp.” The No. 20-ranked Bulldogs upset No. 9 Florida by the score of 42-30.

Meyer said he’s never discussed that end-zone celebration directly with Richt. But the former Florida coach admitted he obsessed about it for a long time:

“My biggest fear was that when your manhood gets challenged like that, are you going to do something to retaliate? The biggest thing was … I talked to our players non-stop about ‘Do not get involved.’ Every reporter was asking our players ‘What was going to be the payback?’

If only he’d spent a tenth as much of the time worrying about Zach Smith’s behavior…


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27 responses to “The Corch abides.

  1. Greg

    Now he says he will listen if the Dallas Cowboys come calling.

    I guess his health is better….


  2. mwo

    Fuck that mother fucker!

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  3. Heyberto

    The reason Corch still has to whine about this? They replay the Gator Stomp clip just about every year. Everyone remembers it. Does anyone really remember the response? Does that ever get mentioned or clips from that game? Nope.

    So of course he has to bring it up.

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  4. jtp03

    I hope he gets a dick disease.

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  5. California dawg

    Classy for Corch to rant about this the same week Richt suffers a heart attack. Why is this insufferable asshole even on TV right now. Whatever school inevitably gives his petulant, scandal-plagued ass yet another chance deserves to be nuked out of the league.

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  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Good..fixate away. It happened, the truth is different from the story (Richt did not order the team on the field, just said he wanted to see some celebration, meaning on the sideline). It that’s how his manhood gets called out, then that says alot about his manhood. Richt does not have the better record, but will always be the better man. #FTMF

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  7. Brandon

    What makes me laugh is that The Celebration happened on our first drive of the game. They had the whole game to respond and stick up for their bruised manhood. Relying on next year’s team to do something is relying on your brother to whip someone’s ass that you couldn’t. Not exactly manly. Since that day UGA has ceased to play scared against Florida, he could have called a zillion time outs, who gives AF, it exorcised the Spurrier era demons.

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    • HiAltDawg

      Exactly, Brandon!

      I like how HE worried HIS players were going to throw a punch, which of course wasn’t going to happen. It really shows you HIS little cocksucker of a mindset: Get scored on and taunted so throw a punch, LMFAO, what a little scumbag Corch is. It’s always the biggest sissies in the world bumping their gums about punching someone and talking their weak junk about “Manhood.” Seriously, does any person on this site that raises children, volunteers their time or served this country just laugh at Urban Myer talking about “Manhood”?

      They got scored on, got taunted, got scored on again, beat and Marcus Howard made Timothy Richard Tebow cry – – Big Damn Freeballing Bulldawg Style! Enjoy “your” awesome after the fact, revenge there, Corch, because nobody even cared.


      • Macallanlover

        Preach! He is a little man, very little. First to ignore that it wasn’t “a thing” at all. After the Vandy game Richt wanted his guys to enjoy, and celebrate their good accomplishments. Never was it intended to be the bench clearing group to be involved, that got out of hand and was not anticipated. Thanks to another “little man”, Peeny Wagers, we got a 30 yard penalty for what should haave been a 15 yard celebration penalty.

        The he relishes on the dirty play against Moreno, he missed his chance to be an Aubie type low life, would have been a proper match, imo. I still lump them together, both for being a prick who condones cheating and improper violence on the football field, and being a prick who had no standards or ethics when it came to bad off-the-field behavior. May he somehow be punished and not rewarded/revered before his time is up.

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  8. Turd Ferguson

    Listen, I get that football is a physical, competitive sport. I get that most players and coaches are machismo-obsessed “real men.” But even still, imagine actually saying out loud that your “biggest fear” — at any point in your life, and in any context — had something to do with your “manhood being challenged.” That’s some personality disorder-level moral insanity.

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  9. Joshua Garrett

    Zach Smith……or he could have even looked into Aaron Hernandez’s behavior a little bit too


  10. RangerRuss

    That candy ass, motherfuckn, sissy quitter hasn’t a clue what Manhood entails. Bah! Creepy asshole.

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  11. J.M.

    What a fucking prick. He has to rub something that happened 11 years ago in the face of a guy who just suffered a heart attack and who issued a public apology for the celebration in question?

    Corch Meyers: Great coach; incredibly small man.


  12. Mr. Top 1% of the Top 1%?

    Chris “Time to Die, B****” Rainey
    Aaron “Murderer” Hernandez
    Brandon “Eye Gouger” Spikes
    Guys with multiple failed drug tests
    Players who fired off semi-automatic weapons in public

    If not for Huntley Johnson, Corch never wins a championship at FU.


    • Down Island Way

      ee….you’ve only tipped the 1% of FU with those misadventures…please continue on, the floor is yours


      • UnderDog68

        Didn’t they just have another murderer from that 2007 team arrested for killing his estranged wife?
        Yep….Just looked it up. Tony Joiner. Gator DB from 2004-2007.


  13. 92 Grad

    Ok, ive been reading this shit all day long. What say you “twitter hounds”? If you’re on twitter, actually “challenge this fucktard’s manhood”. Like, use the actual language and tweet it to him personally. I dont think there are any men, women, or whatever lands in the “middle” here that wouldn’t cherish the opportunity to punch this fucker in the mouth, or, anywhere else you choose. (The reality is, if he responds, whomever lands the tweet actually wins).


  14. practicaldawg

    Corch is a textbook sociopath. Unfortunately our culture tends to celebrate them.


  15. Jeff Sanchez

    Urban Meyer knowingly covered for a woman beater


  16. Nashville West

    Sounds like the Dawgs are still living rent free in corch’s head after all these years.

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  17. Rampdawg

    That Frank Burns, ferret faced, no chin, faked an illness quitter. Can suck, and choke on a Dawg dick.

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  18. Gurkha Dawg

    You have to be a man before your manhood can be threatened. So Corch has nothing to worry about. What a pussy.


  19. Mayor

    Corch is mentally ill. Truly mentally ill. That happened in 2007. 12 years ago. Get over it man.