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The “best name in college football” award is dead.

This kid broke it.



UPDATE:  Ah, shit.

False alarm.  Although that first name is still pretty bitchin’.


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What Kirby wants

Can’t wait to hear some of y’all spin this.

The bottom line is the bottom line, as even Kirby knows.

All that’s left is to get the SEC to change the recruiting rule…


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The most comforting stat for Kirby Smart

Guess which team is first in the SEC in rushing offense and rushing defense.


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When it just means more… in Jacksonville

Our reputation precedes us ($$).

Florida linebacker David Reese is from Michigan. He didn’t grow up attending Florida-Georgia games, didn’t know much about the rivalry as a youngster. But it didn’t take him long to learn one thing about playing against the Bulldogs in Jacksonville.

“Just being a part of it,” Reese said Monday, “it’s the biggest cocktail party.”

David, you may be a Gator, but you’re alright with me.


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Where’s play action?

This Brent Rollins piece at UGASports.com, breaking down how this year’s Georgia defense offense is different from last year’s is worth a deep dive on your part.  I’m not going to give you the entirety of it, but there is a part I want to zoom in on here.

Screenshot_2019-10-28 UGASports - What's really happening on offense

I don’t want to say I’m fixated on it, but I do find it frustrating that Georgia isn’t taking greater advantage of play action passing.  To me, it’s particularly strange because of how robust the Dawgs’ running game is.

One other area that looks like it needs attention:

Lastly, let’s examine Georgia’s most preferred formation in 2019 – 2 x 2 or double twins. Always with at least one tight end in the slot and often with both slots being a tight end, Georgia has run 50.3 percent of its snaps out of this formation – good for 5th most in the FBS and well above the 34.4 percent FBS average. While the rest of the nation leans pass in this formation (FBS average 59.7 percent pass), the Bulldogs are almost completely balanced, with 49.3 percent pass and, thus, 50.7 run. Their running game from this formation is more effective than most, producing an explosive run (10+ yards) on 22.6 percent of plays, good for 9th in the FBS in this formation. However, explosive plays in the passing game from this formation have been harder to come by. The Bulldogs have gotten an explosive pass play on just 15.8 percent of pass plays in double twins, whereas LSU and Alabama are both top five in the FBS at 29.3 percent and 28.3 percent, respectively.

It’s great that Coley is getting excellent production out of the run game out of twin tight end sets.  It’s not so great that isn’t translating into better production out of the passing game.  With the pass protection Georgia’s getting this season and Fromm’s skill set, there’s just no excuse for that.


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“That’s something that we hold dear at Wisconsin.”

There’s a retort that’s so obvious here that I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making it.


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Third and… ?

I know this is likely nothing more than talk to the hand type stuff, but, damn, Georgia, you’re up against Todd Grantham this week.  You need more cowbell… er, tempo ($$).

As Hutson Mason, Georgia’s quarterback that year, remembered it, they knew Grantham liked to make the “perfect play call,” by matching defensive personnel to the offense and then getting signals in late once he got the best idea what the offense was doing. Georgia’s answer: Go up-tempo.

“We felt like if we went fast that he wouldn’t be able to get his calls in and guys would either be misaligned or not aligned already,” Mason said. “So we felt tempo really hurt him as a play-caller and was one of his deficiencies. Instead of just calling the play and letting his players do the job in execution, he almost tries to get the perfect play. So that’s why teams with tempo would kill him.”

Remember, Bobo was gone for that Belk Bowl.  The game plan was so obvious, it didn’t matter.  And, by the way, they ran the crap out of the ball.

You know the guy.  You know what he likes to do.  There’s certainly a time for manball, but there’s also a time to avoid letting yourself get played like this:

Screenshot_2019-10-28 Florida vs Georgia - Game Summary - October 27, 2018 - ESPN

Don’t be that dude, James Coley.  Do more, as your head coach likes to say.


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