My Week 9 Mumme Poll ballot

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) TwitterAs you might guess, Oklahoma is no longer on my list, which looks like this now:

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State

So far, no one-loss teams have graced my ballot, something I expect will be tested in a couple of weeks when Alabama and LSU face off.

Ballot took less than ten minutes to slap together.


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9 responses to “My Week 9 Mumme Poll ballot

  1. Bammers
    Corn Dogs
    Dust Bowlers
    Nike U
    Ped State

    I had a hard time keeping OU and Oregon out. If one of them wins out, the committee will have them in the final 4 as a conference champion in the name of geographic diversity.

    There will be one more 1-loss team on my ballot next week. I only hope it’s the team wearing red and black.


  2. mp

    I fully intended to submit a ballot that had the same 5 teams on it hat you list above…but I rushed and left off LSU accidentally. Mea culpa to the triumphant Tigers. Took less than 5 minutes, but clearly another minute was needed to avoid the brain fart


  3. bwaredogs

    I had 18 last week – all P5 undefeated and one-loss teams, in addition to App. State and SMU. Dropped three this week with ND, Wisc., and Auburn losing. Hope it’s Florida that drops out next week!


  4. Mark

    Mine is the same as yours, Senator. Less than five minutes.

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  5. Reverend Whitewall

    I’ve started including some of the one loss teams. Basically my criteria right now is, if that team wins out from this point, would they have a high likelihood of being in the playoff. I’m not factoring in whether I think they will win out, just given where they are at this point in time, if they win out, would they likely be in? The results over the next few weeks should narrow my ballot back down.

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  6. DaveinAZ

    Apologies. I screwed up and left Clemson off my list which always takes less than two minutes to compile. However, in my defense I have not seen a Clemson game this season because, on paper at least, they have not played a game worth watching.


  7. Kdawg

    Ohio State
    Penn St
    App St

    I continued with my theme of, if they win out do I feel they should be in and if I feel there’s a chance they can win out.


    • SMU and App have no chance to be a final 4 team even if they win out. One of them will be the NY6 rep for the Gof5.

      If they showed up in Dallas versus an Oklahoma team that was pissed about being left out of the CFP, they would get run out of Jerry World.


  8. Kdawg

    This isn’t a final list. It’s a week 8 list. Both have wins over P5 teams. SMU beat the team that just beat Texas. It will all shake out in the end I’m sure.