“That’s something that we hold dear at Wisconsin.”

There’s a retort that’s so obvious here that I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making it.


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15 responses to ““That’s something that we hold dear at Wisconsin.”

  1. Tlkdawg

    I don’t really believe anyone on Wisconsin is looking forward to playing the buckeyes again! They were lucky to lose by only 31.


  2. Tlkdawg

    We also hold annual beatdowns to osu dear at Wisconsin. I don’t believe anyone at udub is actually looking forward to playing them again.


  3. JCDawg83

    Playing recorded, piped in music is a “tradition” they hold dear at Wisconsin? SMH at that.


  4. Spike

    Speaking for myself I suppose.. but, most of us on here don’t have that much intelligence anyway.. so go ahead and insult us!


  5. Faltering Memory

    We happened to attend a Wisconsin game in September and waited through a boring game to see jump around. It was odd looking enough until I looked on the field to see players jumping around and some were paired off dancing. All I could think was CKS would go off like a roman candle if any UGA players were dancing like that. On the other hand, their band was terrific in their participation during the game, including the horn players going through the stands section by section playing their fight song.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    So Ohio State ripped off Illinois who ripped off Wisconsin who ripped off House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ who ripped off Bob & Earl’s ‘Harlem Shuffle’?

    Or something like that.


  7. Macallanlover

    Let the band play it, and I am cool with it, even though it falls way down the list of traditions, imo. Any tradition should be respected, except those that are used to taunt, or rub something in your face (gaytor chomp, horns up, etc.), and then you should always be allowed to turn the tables on it when it is appropriate. To me, the jump around isn’t taunting, they do it in their own stadium regardless of score or opponent.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Maybe if they adopted the old Budweiser beer song no one would mock them.


  9. Morris Day

    Whip their ass, then they won’t be apt to play your little song.