The most comforting stat for Kirby Smart

Guess which team is first in the SEC in rushing offense and rushing defense.


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  1. Derek

    Exactly. This game is won by the team that imposes it’s will along the LOS and makes the fewest mistakes with the ball.

    No turnovers. No stupid penalties. No fake kick adventures.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    UGA is going to win, most likely by 10 points or more. All the talking heads will be jumping on the UF bandwagon this week, and none of them will consider both the talent edge we have over UF, and the fact that it was all those TO’s that doomed us against SCU.

    As Kirby said last year pre-game, whoever controls the LOS always wins this game. Simply put, both UGAs OL and DL are better and deeper than UFs

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    • Not sure I would agree about the superiority of our DL. Depth? Yes. Quality of starters? At best, a push.

      Definitely need to win the LOS to win the game


      • 3rdandGrantham

        I hear ya and we agree to disagree there. BTW, IMO we also have the coaching motivation edge as well. Check out the pregame speeches from Smart/Mullen last year:

        Night and day difference…


        • I don’t think the difference is significant, but Zuniga and Greenard (sp) are difference makers on the edge. They are the type of players Towel Boy can use to give an offense fits.


        • Charlottedawg

          The reason I’m already in a bad mood is because we have the better players and its not even close. Given that I’m of the persuasion that ~80% of success in college football is jimmies and Joes, The fact that a Todd Grantham defense could shut down our offense is a pretty damning indictment of James Coley’s ineptitude.


          • ApalachDawg

            Dude, your comments on this blog over time tell me that you are either a troll or the most miserable dawg fan i have ever had the displeasure of being around.


            • The Dawg abides

              You haven’t been paying attention to that “Bigshot” dude then.


            • Charlottedawg

              Actually I’m an alum, and I’m not going to apologize for criticizing my Alma mater and its football team, especially when our rivals and neighbors have all won national championships more recently than we have while our organization seems content to find new and creative ways to trip over our own dick.


            • HiAltDawg

              one of the long line of bitches & turds around here that want crow about being right that we’ll lose on Tuesday rather than happy we won on Saturday.


          • TXBaller

            A blatant hater. Kirby hater at that.


    • DawgByte

      If SCe taught us anything, it’s talent alone doesn’t always win out.

      I’d also give the DL edge to Florida .


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “Guess which team is first in the SEC in rushing offense and rushing defense.”

    Reading that made it move a little. 😉


  4. Russ

    If we give an effort like Samuel did against the Gators we will be fine. He will always be a DGD for putting the hammer down on the Gators in the 4th quarter.

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    I know some of y’all want to throw it all over the yard…that’s not what we do.



  6. Charlottedawg

    2011, dick Sam’s finest hour.

    Fun fact Georgia is undefeated this decade in white uniforms against the Gators.


  7. chopdawg

    Gettin’ ready for the Gators early this year! Already on Amelia. Always wanted to spend a week here, leading up to the Fla game, this year I’m finally doing it! GO DAWGS!

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  8. MGW

    My only concern is the seeming lack of concern coming from the coaches and team. I get it: we lost to SC with a -4 turnover margin. Hard to beat anyone that way. Then we made a conscious decision to throw very little, and blanked Kentucky in a downpour; all went basically as planned. It’s not like they’ve been out there chasing their tails. Count me out of the camp that thinks we need a full offensive overhaul.

    Still, something is off. If the plan ain’t changing, then fine. I just hope they at least understand they are not executing the plan well enough to go anywhere significant this year.

    Now go out there and run em off the field before halftime.


    • Down Island Way

      I’m just praying that there is a reason the playbook has been a short read up to this point in UGA’s schedule, the month of November is ours for the taking…..#FTMF


  9. practicaldawg

    I would like to think that Mullen has reached the point of overthinking this game

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  10. J-Dawg

    Let us not Forget that Kirby hates Mullen and hates UF even more. Plus there’s all the trash from UF in the preseason. He won’t let the team forget that. I guarantee that he’s already got a full blown hard-on for UF right now. Wish Chauncey Gardner was still there talking slants. Dawgs will be ready and foaming at the mouth. They know this is the statement game.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Oh great! We had a streak of sec east wins going. Now this.

    Just win!


  12. BuffaloSpringfield

    Eh Florida has played a tougher schedule and they beat USCjr. They do have that going for the Jorts. After UF, Missouri, aTm and the Barn if those stats are the same. See ya at the Benz………
    If not I won’t be surprised…….. Go Dawgs