The new gold rush

The way things are going, pretty soon we’re gonna reach a point when we’re counting the state legislatures that aren’t chasing California’s Fair Pay to Play Act.


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  1. MGW

    Are you a politician? Do you want to make some real easy hay on a bipartisan issue that’ll get your name mentioned in national media outlets? WELL COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, at this point it’s such a simple political slam dunk that I’d be surprised if it isn’t already one of those where the parties are having to coordinate which person in which state “gets to” be the one to introduce it in their legislature, and on what day so they don’t waste the spotlight doing it all at once.


    • It’s also a tribute to the stubborn stupidity of the NCAA to refuse to see this.


      • Mayor

        The NCAA won’t patch the hole on the sinking ship. Fine. Let them all go down with the ship along with Emmert. The statute has already been enacted in CA. It’s being proposed in FL, GA and now Texas with bipartisan support and a very high probability of passing. The governors of those states each have said they will sign the bill. Within those 4 states reside almost 90% of the best HS prospects for college football players in the nation. Fine NCAA, ban colleges from those states from participating in conference and national championship play and see what happens. Bye Bye NCAA, that’s what will happen.


  2. MGW

    If the NCAA is proactive, it’ll just be the Olympic model; which, as far as the behavior they claim to be upset about (we give you money, you play at this school), will be exactly the same as today, just out in the open.

    If they give in on that, I don’t think a majority of people would still favor the schools paying salaries to athletes.

    Conflating the two issues by saying things like “this California bill will fully professionalize college football and ruin the spirit of the sport, blah blah blah,” is……. well, it’s a bold strategy, Cotton.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    The fact that state governments are having to waste their time on this stuff is pretty infuriating. To be clear, I support 100% that state governments are doing this because the NCAA’s rules are ridiculous at this point. I’m just mad that the NCAA’s amateurism nonsense is SO out of hand that legislators are spending time on this stuff instead of, ya know, everything else on their plate. Just go to the Olympic model and be done with it. There’s more than enough money to go around if the coaches at directional schools are pulling down more than a million a year.


  4. 79Dawg

    Love how people on here think the NCAA is Standard Oil and Mark Emmert is some modern-day John D. Rockefeller…
    The NCAA is just the front man taking a little skim – the real entities of substance behind the scam are the NCAA’s members, the vast overwhelming majority of which are … [drumroll] … PUBLIC COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES!
    No one tell the politicians that the “real troublemakers” are already entities they control, and that there are simpler and more direct ways (but probably lower profile) to “solve” this “problem”!


  5. This could be the break away moment for the Power 5 and Group of 5. If the NCAA wants to become the NAIA real quick kicking out the P5 G5 teams will sure get them there. How refreshing wold it be that Slippery Rock doesn’t have an equal vote with say UCF.