Where’s play action?

This Brent Rollins piece at UGASports.com, breaking down how this year’s Georgia defense offense is different from last year’s is worth a deep dive on your part.  I’m not going to give you the entirety of it, but there is a part I want to zoom in on here.

Screenshot_2019-10-28 UGASports - What's really happening on offense

I don’t want to say I’m fixated on it, but I do find it frustrating that Georgia isn’t taking greater advantage of play action passing.  To me, it’s particularly strange because of how robust the Dawgs’ running game is.

One other area that looks like it needs attention:

Lastly, let’s examine Georgia’s most preferred formation in 2019 – 2 x 2 or double twins. Always with at least one tight end in the slot and often with both slots being a tight end, Georgia has run 50.3 percent of its snaps out of this formation – good for 5th most in the FBS and well above the 34.4 percent FBS average. While the rest of the nation leans pass in this formation (FBS average 59.7 percent pass), the Bulldogs are almost completely balanced, with 49.3 percent pass and, thus, 50.7 run. Their running game from this formation is more effective than most, producing an explosive run (10+ yards) on 22.6 percent of plays, good for 9th in the FBS in this formation. However, explosive plays in the passing game from this formation have been harder to come by. The Bulldogs have gotten an explosive pass play on just 15.8 percent of pass plays in double twins, whereas LSU and Alabama are both top five in the FBS at 29.3 percent and 28.3 percent, respectively.

It’s great that Coley is getting excellent production out of the run game out of twin tight end sets.  It’s not so great that isn’t translating into better production out of the passing game.  With the pass protection Georgia’s getting this season and Fromm’s skill set, there’s just no excuse for that.


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  1. I kinda miss all that play action emphasis from the old regime…even that tricky ‘pretend like you don’t have it’ one that Greene perfected. Oh, but that was in I- formation.

    BTW Senator you have ‘defense’ instead of ‘offense’ in that first sentence. Threw me off for a second, considering our D hasn’t run a decent play action since Erk 😉


  2. HahiraDawg

    “breaking down how this year’s Georgia defense…”?

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  3. HahiraDawg

    Thanks for all you do!


  4. Joe Schmoe

    It just seems like we aren’t trying to disguise or fool anyone about what we are trying to do on offense this year which makes no sense with a 3rd year starter. I hope that the person we have been holding back to fool is one Mr. Todd Grantham. Would love to see us absolutely blow FL’s doors off. One can hope.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Wouldn’t it be nice if Wolf lined up wide and then went in motion and crashed down on the DE a couple times a game and then later would go in same motion but run a slant or a post?

      I watched OSU highlights and once again, I see Fields throwing to a guy that has 3 steps on a defender. This can’t be b/c every WR at OSU is Usain Bolt but rather through tendencies, motion and confusion, they scheme a guy open.


      • Lutz Dawg

        not disagreeing with you too much; but the defenses OSU is facing are not very good. Fields is throwing to receivers that are WIDE open. I haven’t seen him fit the ball into any tight windows. When OSU plays a team with db’s who can cover, we’ll see what Fields does.


        • I see Fields making plays. He’s playing well and playing within the system. I imagine we would be turning cartwheels if Fromm had receivers running free all over the field as Fields has had.


          • Macallanlover

            Seriously, and not just Fields having wide open receivers, watch the highlights of Hurts, and Tua as well. I struggle to recall an uncontested forward pass since the flea flicker against Grantham and Mullen, unless you count the jet sweeps behind the LOS. It isn’t our receivers guys, it is the damn scheme and formations.

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    • 2675miller

      Remember the motto this fall… “Players not plays.” That is exactly how they are coaching and calling it. The problem is that the other team has players too.


      • MGW

        We’ve got lots of talent. All the depth in the world. However, we have zero superstars so far this year.

        There’s no AJ Green/Julio Jones on the outside. Our RB’s are all rock solid, but none of them are on the level of someone like Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb, Knowshon Moreno, Sony Michel, Trent Richardson or Eddie Lacey. Jake Fromm is all-world…. but we don’t ask much more of him than to distribute to the play-makers (and he’s DAMN good at that). I have no doubt he could be throwing for 3,500+ yards and 40+ TD’s in another scheme, but that ain’t what we ask of him.

        But if we’re going to primarily ask our QB to manage the game and distribute the ball to the play-makers, then the play-makers better make a lot more plays. Otherwise we need to do better scheming WR’s open, and let Fromm carry more of the load with his arm than his noggin. That’s not changing the whole scheme or switching coordinators mid-season, it’s just putting the ball in your best player’s hands more often. Those plays are in the playbook, just waiting to be called a little more.

        Also, we’re (Fromm’s) real good at tempo, and Grantham’s defenses are usually not. Do more of that this week, please.


  5. Running 2 tights in this formation does absolutely nothing to get mismatches in the passing game. A third corner can take one of the tight ends and an inside linebacker can take the other one.

    If you can’t (or won’t) attack the middle out of this formation, you end up with guys playing in a box.


    • The other Doug

      I’d rather see Swift, Cook, Robertson, Blaylock, and Pickens with a lot of motion. That has to create mismatches for the passing game and make DCs scared to load the box with run stuffers.


      • Pickens doesn’t play in the slot, so we don’t see much if any motion from the outside guys in the double twin formation. If Kirby & Coley are going to insist on using a tight end in this formation, only use one. Use D-Rob, Blaylock or K. Jackson in the slot to create the mismatch with the 3rd corner or with motion to create a trip formation.

        The problem with the 2 tights is the personnel grouping allows a team with good speed to keep 3 linebackers on the field.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Woerner and Wolf are 6’4″-5″ and should be a mismatch in that situation. Look at how other TE’s have one on us. It may be our TE’s are not getting the job done in their route running.


  6. UGA should be running play-action on first down a decent bit (RPOs, too). When safeties are crashing down the moment the ball is snapped, they’re basically daring UGA to throw it, yet it seems the coaches simply don’t want to.


  7. Tony Barnfart

    I want to walk into an offensive meeting room and ask:


    In the last 2 weeks we’ve been told the toss sweep is dated (Donnan), we can’t get off press coverage so we don’t throw much, we don’t throw over the middle and we don’t do play action… WTF are these guys making millions for ?


  8. Jeremy Collins

    Man, reading a graph that highlights a three-year dip of percentages and play action, shouldn’t depress me as much as this….

    But it did get me thinking. When was the last time we targeted a matchup in the passing consistently and exploited it? Nauta against UF last year? Fourth down slant we ran with Terry Godwin against Auburn?


  9. more spinners

    Jake Fromm, the forgotten QB in the SEC and the Dawgs plalybook.
    RPO or inside zone read? Can TG’s defense handle either.
    You would think the Gators will show an 8 man front constantly.
    Now DM clearly knows the inside and out of the RPO.
    The key to both is the Oline and their blocking technique and calls.
    It has not happenend all season for the most part. That is why you had one player saying after the first half of the UK game not all players were on the same page.
    In JAX they had better get off the bus as one and stay that way.
    Gators are ranked higher for a reason. They moved the ball against LSU when AU could not. Reason, their QB is better than AU’s. He will be an issue for Kirby’s defense.
    8 man front or not, they have to establish the run game and equate the O numbers against the D numbers. Make UF spread the field, and use the speed of your talented RBs.


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    I remember the PA to Gurley who then ran right past the line on a seam route and caught a pass in stride for a TD against the gators. Here’s to Swift doing the same. Do we still have the tunnel screen? Grantham’s boys will be coming hard and often.


  11. BuffaloSpringfield

    I really want to believe but as in most cases history repeats it’s self. There is a distinct reason for this is it’s basically being to damn stubborn to change what your memory tells you of the past ( film ). Perhaps those players that chose the National Flagrant League will be there and dress out Saturday. If I were Zeus and the rest of the quicker than a blink of a eye backs I’d be running, catching passes against the Dawgs in a different SEC uniform in 2020. Those backs and receivers need physiological help to help keep them infold. How many times has a Cook touched the ball this season. Senator there is a stat you can look up number of positions this year with #1) TE…. I think that’s 14 between them. #2) percentages Zeus and Cook have touched the ball vs. total carries. I know we have to feed Swift he’s a great back ( you think he’ll play in the bowl game if the Dawgs are not #1), #2), #3) or #4) IDK
    Recruiting with losing Gilbert and UGA DE’s younger brother committed to LSU over the weekend. There is clear dissent or we’re just not on the same page that’s been going on way before a Kentucky. I watched every rain dropping drenching minute in the McGill Society’s Sanford Stadium at Dooley Field.
    Fields was took to the Sugar Bowl in hopes he’d stay. Baker said he’d play and chose not to.
    In the Orange or Cotton UGA could have 5-6 players sit out for the portal or NFL. I hope I am damned wrong. You can take two weeks to change the horses in the middle of a stream but If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. You know the line.
    Please feel free to correct me latter Saturday afternoon. Senator your the best.
    Go Dawgs……