Oh, look. Amateurism’s on the march again.

Well, there’s this.

Pretty bland.  The devil’s in the details, of course.

Screenshot_2019-10-29 Home Twitter

The first bullet point says it all.  And guess who decides what’s compelling.

If the NCAA thinks this will be enough to slow down the politicians, they’re dreaming.


UPDATE:  Here’s the Fox business news hot take.  I can’t promise you won’t be dumber for listening to it.



Praise, but verify.


UPDATE #3:  This sounds a little tone deaf.

A Republican wanting to raise somebody’s taxes.  Whoda thunk it?

I wonder if he’s going to stick it to all college students that way, or just college athletes.


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26 responses to “Oh, look. Amateurism’s on the march again.

  1. Classic City Canine

    So they grudgingly gave an inch without actually committing to firm action? Better keep the pressure up lawmakers.


  2. “[U]nless a compelling reason exists …”

    Is that sort of like obscenity? I’ll know it when I see it.

    I can’t think of a single compelling reason a student-athlete shouldn’t be allowed to do something every other student on the campus can do … financially benefit from his/her name, like, and image.


    • I think someone on that idiot Burr’s staff needs to tell him this has nothing to do with this school and allows a student-athlete to do exactly what other students on scholarship have the ability to do without the value of their scholarship becoming taxable income.


      • PDawg30577

        I really don’t understand what my spit Senator is thinking with this move, what his angle is. Unless he is just a toplofty son of a bitch who’s just too self righteous to let it go unchallenged. He needs to look no further than his own Triangle colleges to see what corruption comes from driving the whole market underground.


  3. 123fakest

    Agents, I mean Attorneys, rejoice in the name of Amateurism.

    At least NCAA Football will return to PlayStation.

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  4. Reverend Whitewall

    That’s some awfully good coach speak right there.


  5. Red Cup

    So the folks at Fox Business News are not capitalists?


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    “I want cake! I want cake! I want cake!”

    (gets cake)

    “This isn’t a big enough piece”!

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  7. Jack Klompus

    Oh, the egos!


  8. The first three words in Richard Burr’s statement…If College athletes. Maybe you want to think about your question again. Seems pretty obvious what the answer is.



    All I’ll say, lots of “knee jerk” reactions…and I don’t expect it to simmer down for a few days.


  10. Ricky McDurden

    Richard Burr seems like the kind of guy who might write to a player on his alma mater’s football team to cut their hair and cover up their tattoos and stop being so damn uppity.

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  11. Lol. That last comment you added was a good one!!!


  12. TOMC

    Look at issues and discussions objectively from opposing sides. The point at which assistance and opportunity becomes income is a serious discussion as is the point of someone cashing in on a high profile opportunity provided by an organization. In all of this, only a small portion of the tens of thousands student athletes across the country will be seriously impacted, but the attention on the high profile future pro athletes skews the discussion.


  13. Down Island Way

    “$how me the money”……


  14. DB

    The scholarship and all non cash benefits that go with it should remain tax free but any cash payments they receive should be taxable. Fair?