A brief offensive snapshot

Three quick stats to ponder this morning:

Even with the less than stellar results from the last two games, Georgia’s offense is still showing well, conference-wise and against Florida in particular.  And before you say the Dawgs feasted on some weak opposition outside of the SEC, remember that Florida has played not one, but two, FCS opponents this season.

The run figures are interesting, too.  Especially the RPO percentages, although I wonder how much Florida has tailed off in that regard since Franks went out.


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22 responses to “A brief offensive snapshot

  1. Scuba

    UF is a much better team with Trask taking snaps than Franks. Im leaving tomorrow with no idea what to expect from either side of the ball. Trask must be pressured or he will pick us apart. On offense we need to run the ball effectively not into a wall all day.
    Much has been made of Fromm
    s ability to get us into the right play and his film study work. I wonder what percentage of plays sent in he really checks out of.


  2. wewoof

    manball these mo foes. The talented defensive lineman they have are speed guys. Run at them …keep running at them…beat them up and make sure we find out why their second stringers are second stringers, Run it until those booger eating morons put nine in the box and than we can throw long. Lets get Grantham fired……again.


  3. Jack Burton

    Senator – have you not watched Florida this year? Trask is better than Franks at RPOs (and everything honestly).

    This is classic game week stats overload that amount to nothing. Just like last year in Baton Rouge and this year against the Cocks.

    Florida has looked the better team IMO.


    • If Trask is better than Franks at everything, then why was he sitting behind Franks before the injury? And remember, last year, Franks was struggling so much that Mullen opened up competition for the starting position and Trask couldn’t beat Franks out then, either.

      I don’t know that Trask is better, but Mullen’s done a good job reworking the offense to suit Trask’s skill set. (I guess that means I have watched Florida this year.)

      If all you’re giving me is that Georgia shit the bed against South Carolina, so obviously the Gators win Saturday, stats be damned, okay. I think I’m still gonna go to the game with an open mind, though.

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      • Senator, to some of our fans, since we lost a game, we should just give up and blow the whole damn thing up and start over.

        Your thoughts on Trask are exactly my thoughts. If he’s so good, Dopey was an idiot for sticking with Franks because that would have come out on the practice field.

        I have a feeling the Jones kid is going to end up in the portal at the end of the year.


      • Jack Burton

        Trask clearly sees the field better, understands the position of QB better and has a better head on him. I have no idea why Mullen or anyone would start Franks in a big time college football game. He’s been our best player the last 2 meetings!


        • Russ

          I gotta agree with Jack about Trask. I’ve always thought Mullen was an idiot for sticking with Franks. Apparently, after we beat their ass last year, Franks turned it on and looked great, but honestly I’ve never seen him play confident and actually make a difference in how Florida played. Trask has seemed to do that ever since he went in against Kentucky.

          As for the stats, they also tell me that Florida has played two outstanding defenses (Auburn and LSU) while we’ve played a good defense (ND).


          • Brandon M

            I’m not sure LSU has done anything this year that would qualify their Defense as being considered even remotely close to outstanding


      • Mick Jagger

        Don’t forget that Mullen is the “quarterback whisperer”.

        And Tuberville is the “riverboat gambler”.

        Why doesn’t our coach have a cool handle?

        BTW, I could have whispered to Prescott and obviously, TT’s gambles didn’t work out.


      • GruvenDawg

        If I remember correctly from last year…Mullen opened the QB competition up because of Franks struggles, Trask won the job. Trask then promptly had a multi-week or season ending injury the same week he won the job.


        • Competition was opened up all the way back in fall practice, with Mullen vowing it would go as long as it took. Fans starting yelling for Trask after the Mizzou game, and you’re right, Trask was hurt after that. But he never won the job.

          And he didn’t win it this season, either.


          • GruvenDawg

            My tinfoil hat theory…I think Trask is the better college QB whereas Franks has better measurables (size, arm strength, etc) as far as the NFL is concerned. Mullen knows his QB whisper moniker is on the line and he could point to getting Franks drafted. If he starts Trask and he doesn’t make the NFL what is he going to sell to recruits?


          • Macallanlover

            Actually, Trash didn’t win the starting job in HS or college. That is pretty astounding for a QB on, what many feel, is a Top 10 team. After watching that Miami opener, and having a bye week afterwards, what was the “QB Whisperer” thinking?

            Hey, I hope on Saturday we expose why he spent so much time riding the pine, but we will need to contest more passes and boost our havoc rate more than we have been. Any QB can hit wide open receivers with their feet firmly planted. Their OL is sub-par in run blocking and the RBs are not scary, it is the middle zones in pass defense that worry me most.


    • Will (the other one)

      I think Trask is by far the superior passing QB, but his running ability is far less, which I think has hurt the run game. Really hope we don’t hear any “we didn’t expect they’d play Jones so much” after Mullen put it on film vs LSU.


  4. 123fakest

    I really wish we could have signed Ole Miss’ qb, Plumlee, last year.


  5. Classic City Canine

    I’m sorry, but the stats don’t mean s— to me this year. If you take out the cupcakes our offense has struggled mightily for long stretches of every game we have played. I’ve watched every minute of our games and our offense stinks. It’s a Ferrari stuck in first gear and I’m hoping Kirby has the good sense to abandon manball and evolve in the next few months.

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    • California dawg

      I agree. I want to be encouraged by this, but Florida is simply playing better as a team and has more impressive wins/losses. They went toe to toe with LSU at Baton Rouge at night, and beat an Auburn team with arguably the best defensive front in the country. Meanwhile we barely beat a mediocre Notre Dame team that just got bludgeoned by Michigan, couldn’t score a single point for an entire half against Vanderbilt/Kentucky, and lost at home to you know who. Beating up cupcakes has padded our stats and convinced some that Coley has this offense humming, but our playcalling and schemes have been the laughing stock of every sports pundit in America the last two weeks. I hope and pray we’ve figured a few things out in the bye and the team comes out ready to play, but I have a feeling if we do win, it’ll largely be thanks to our defensive playing lights out and forcing a turnover or two.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    These posts and stats are nonsense. I’m waiting for Tony B’s deep insight to see where I should stand.