Welcome back, Lawrence.

Your stat of the day:

If you’re gonna make your quarterback play in a box, Cager being back this week is huge for Georgia.


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14 responses to “Welcome back, Lawrence.

  1. Jack Burton

    These kind of stats I can get behind!


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    What, no Pigpen today?


  3. Mayor

    Or you could not make your quarterback play in a box……


  4. What Fresh Hell is This?

    I would be “more happier” if we could scheme our receivers open.


  5. Bat City Dawg

    posted this in another thread.. amazing how our offense is so reliant on one receiver who wasn’t even on campus last year.

    i realize our other receivers are young, but damn last year Clemson’s leading receivers were in order fresh, soph, soph, senior….

    is it players or is it plays? likely a little of both.. as i think robertson is both overrated and incorrectly utilized.


    • Russ

      How exactly is Robertson overrated? Dude caught 50 balls in the PAC12 and was a freshman AA. First time we hand him the ball he runs 75 yards for a TD and then spent the rest of the season apparently learning to block.

      Given that young receivers excel at other schools, I can only conclude that our scheme isn’t the best for the success of the players.


      • Bat City Dawg

        so we are still talking about his freshman year at Cal back when Obama was in the white house? i agree it probably speaks more to the coaches inability to deploy him correctly.

        but even in light of that, for a blue chip player with a track record of real production at his last stop, i am surprised he hasn’t been more of an impact player for us this year. he has probably been our 3a or 3b receiver this year, and he is the only one of those top 4 that was on campus and in the system last year. i am not saying he is a bust, but you can’t honestly believe his career has gone as expected when he transferred. i would love nothing more than for the rest of his UGA career to be great, there is still time..


        • Russ

          So, was Fields underrated last year with us, or did he suddenly learn how to play QB? Or maybe, scheme has something to do with it? Same with Burrows and LSU’s offense.

          I agree that Robertson hasn’t had the impact I expected, but I place very little of the blame on Robertson. It’s the coaches jobs to figure out how best to use all that talent they’re acquiring. I think it’s still a work in progress for the coaches.

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        • Lutz Dawg

          I don’t understand why D-Rob can’t play the role Godwin played. he caught balls over the middle the past two years. I’m sure D-Rob is just as fast if not faster than Terry was. That would open things up. Wolf might not be Nauta; but he’s close. Why hasn’t he been a target down the middle of the field. I still remember the pass against Bama where Nauta released up the middle and went for a big gain. That play can’t work?

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  6. Tony Barnfart

    If we complete a pass over the middle early in the game, my anxiety level will subside exponentially.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    So would UGA’s offense really not be playing in a box but in a Cage(r)?