“Most quarterbacks this day and time wouldn’t do that.”

I don’t know if you caught this yesterday, but Auburn’s backup quarterback, Joey Gatewood, bailed and put his name in the transfer portal.  Gus is pretty nonchalant about it, or so he claims.

“He’s a fine young man, and I really appreciate everything Joey has done for our program. Everyone in our program will be rooting for him moving forward.”

At least as long as Nix stays healthy, anyway.  Maybe the reason Malzahn is so cool about it is because he’s used to it by now.

Gatewood is now the seventh quarterback signee under Malzahn to either transfer, leave the team for other reasons or change position. He joins Sean White (dismissed), Jason Smith (moved to receiver, then to defensive back), Woody Barrett (transferred), John Franklin III (switched positions twice and then transferred), Tyler Queen (transferred) and Malik Willis (transferred). Only three quarterback signees under Malzahn have finished their college careers playing quarterback at Auburn: Nick Marshall (2013-14), Jeremy Johnson (2013-2016) and Jarrett Stidham (2017-18), with two of those being junior college transfers and the other, Johnson, finishing his career as a backup after being benched in 2015.

Man, judging by what Auburn fans have said over the years, there’s a lot of Heisman Trophy-level talent just wasted on the Plains.  That’s some quarterback whisperer you’ve got there, Tigers.


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13 responses to ““Most quarterbacks this day and time wouldn’t do that.”

  1. MGW

    It’s good for players and all but I’d imagine the running QB at the top levels of the sport may go the way of the Dodo. At this point top programs get one good QB, and that’s it. If you have two+, the others are gone unless they’re at least two years behind AND the top guy doesn’t stay 4 years. That creates a situation where even the most talented teams can have a championship season completely derailed by the top guy going down, when the backups are all basically walk ons. Never good for QB1 to go down, but it’s a much worse situation now. To be avoided any way possible.


  2. DawgByte

    Gatewood was an excellent QB in HS. We should extend him an offer… the boy can spin the ball.


  3. Bright Idea

    Barners are saying Nix was a political hire. Only 32 NFL jobs and few of these blue chip QBs are willing to ride the pine when they see some of the bodies in those 32 jobs.


    • WarD Eagle


      Also offers from Alabama, Clemson, and Florida.

      I think he’s a done a decent job so far. Would like to see a better deep ball.

      But I would also like to see a better OL, dominate running game, etc.


  4. siskey

    It is odd how the QB situation at Auburn under Gus has played out. You would think that with the Offenses that high schools run now that Gus would not have any trouble finding and developing a QB that would stick around for 4-5 years but Nix may be the first one to do so.

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  5. WarD Eagle

    All of those transfers didn’t exactly go light it up elsewhere.


    • WarD Eagle

      Replying to my own comment cause I’m a clown.

      I would like to see Gatewood go to Florida. It’s his home state and I think Cousin Eddie knows how to maximize a running QB whose passing skills need work.


      • Sanford222view

        No, no,no! Don’t ever wish for something that may be beneficial for the Swamp Lizards.

        What I don’t understand is why Gatewood is leaving now. Why not wait until after the season? Hasn’t he already used up his redshirt year? The timing just seems odd. What part of the story am I missing?


        • ASEF

          Auburn ran a Gatewood package play but Gus yanked him back to the sideline when he tried to go in to run it. It looked like a straw that broke the camel’s back to me. Auburn fans see Nix’s potential. Gatewood sees a valuable year of eligibility going up in smoke behind a guy who is playing poorly.


          • WarD Eagle

            That’s speculation based solely on the cameras being on them when Gatewood attempted to go in and Gus stopped him. No one knows what actually happened.

            Also Whitlow was a HS QB, so his running a wildcat play isn’t unusual.

            That said, it’s disappointing to see how things planned out for him; I sure would like to see Gatewood have great success. He seems like a great young man.


  6. Governor Milledge

    Auburn’s offense assumes the philosophy I always thought GT would pivot to post-PJ. You don’t need an arm to be successful – you need effectively a point-guard who can take a beating within the RPO and has more than a noodle arm.

    I think it’s tough for a Cam Newton-type guy to choose to play within that sort of system unless he has a Cam Newton-type track record (I think Jameis Winston would’ve ended up at Auburn had the serious allegations played against him and he wasn’t draft eligible). Gus is forever searching for someone with arm strength/accuracy who is willing to take a beating in the RPO he runs, which I believe largely explains the musical chair at QB.