Outside eyes

If you’re wondering how a Gator fan rationally reviews Georgia’s last few games to suggest how Florida could fashion its gameplan Saturday, you might want to take a look at David Wunderlich’s piece on just that.

One quick rebuttal on David’s first point:  the Dawgs took away Kmet as a weapon in the second half of the Notre Dame game, and given that Kirby’s already taken notice of Pitts, I would assume Georgia’s defense took some valuable lessons away from the earlier matchup.


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  1. JCDawg83

    I found it interesting that he didn’t mention stacking the box anywhere in the article. Unless Coley is bound and gagged and someone else is calling the plays, the maddening runs between the guards will be the featured play for the Georgia offense. Other than that, I didn’t read anything I can really disagree with.

    Stack the box and play tight man coverage should be every opponents defensive gameplan against Georgia this season. On offense, deep passes in LeCounte’s direction offer the best hope of scoring on Georgia.

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    • The Truth

      Unless Coley’s boss is bound and gagged…

      People, Coley is doing exactly what Kirby wants him to do. I really think it would take Coley resigning in protest to make some of you even consider the play calling is Kirby’s fault, not Coley’s.

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      • MDDawg

        My assumption is that Coley is being given the same boundaries that Chaney was, but Chaney was more successful within those boundaries. That makes me believe that the difference is Coley.

        Plus, as it’s been mentioned on this blog before, there are different ways to utilize spread or power concepts. For example, most “manball” teams would probably have a fullback whereas we don’t. I don’t have a problem with the “impose your will” mentality, but it seems like there are things we could be doing schematically within that philosophy to be more successful. I don’t know what those things are exactly, but I’m not paid the big bucks to know that, Coley is. Hopefully he’s used the bye week to implement some of them.


        • Cheerwino

          And Chaney was constantly getting yelled at. Is Coley getting yelled at? Perhaps now Kirby is finally getting what he wants.


      • Except that Coley sucked before he ever coached with Kirby


    • Ldawg

      Did you happen to see what LSU & AU averaged running it up the middle against FU? I think LSU was above 9 ypc, and AU not far behind. That’s one way to neutralize their edge pass rush. We shouldn’t abandon it, just need to avoid being predictable, take some shots over the middle and downfield, then run right at them. Having Kindley back will be a big difference maker IMO. Also remember what Thomas did against Josh Allen (SEC defensive player of the year) last year? My guess he has a similar performance in this game. Go Dawgs!

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      • Will Adams

        Thomas absolutely took care of business against Josh Allen that day. Allen was the SEC DPOTY for a reason and pretty much dominated every other OT he went up against last year. And he’s actually kept that going in the NFL this year for the Jags by having 7 sacks through 8 games. That makes what Thomas’ play that much more impressive. Hopefully Thomas has another great game this Saturday and helps the Dawgs offense come alive en route to a convincing victory!


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        Florida couldn’t stack the box regularly against LSU because of the threat of the deep pass. Hopefully, Coley took notice and changes his tendencies.


        • Ldawg

          FU gave up 200+ yards rushing the next week to a significantly less talented team in SC playing a true freshman QB who was struggling. The refs bailed out FU btw. I agree Coley needs to mix it up and we’re going to have to throw it some to win, but we shouldn’t get away from our bread and butter.

          People haven’t been talking about it much but our O-line has been musical chairs all year. This will be the first time since the opener with the original 5 starters playing together. They have been practicing together for two weeks now. Anyone think that may make a difference?

          I also read where FU’s D-line average 272 lbs. That average includes one dude over 300. I don’t think they’ll be able to hold up for 4 quarters. I hope we freaking run for 300 and rub their noses in it, #FTMF. That said one caveat, I read when both Zuniga & Greenard are in the game FU only gives up 1.9 ypc.

          ON the other side, our Defense could be the difference maker. FU has an average O-line, we should be able to pressure Trask and contain their run game.Trask has been playing well but has questionable ball security and has made some bad INTs in clutch moments. Make them one dimensional and get a couple TO’s and I like our chances.

          Go Dawgs!


  2. Russ

    What is this “scheme them open” he keeps referring to about opposing receivers? Sounds interesting.


  3. Bat City Dawg

    this was quite a reasonable assessment i think


  4. MDDawg

    The only thing I’d disagree with is one of his closing comments about Fromm. He says “South Carolina’s defensive front got to him enough that he was rattled and ended up throwing three picks.” I don’t think Fromm really got rattled and only the first INT was the result of pressure being in his face. The 2nd was Fromm throwing to a spot and the receiver getting knocked off his route by the coverage. The third INT hit the receiver in the hands and should’ve been an easy catch.

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    • DDawg

      I was at the SC game and Fromm definitely got frustrated and rattled. He constantly held the ball way too long why he should of been trying to make plays with his feet.


  5. Cojones

    He mentioned most of FU’s receivers except Toney who has been out for several games and is back for this one, guess that’s why he wasn’t mentioned. Fast. Capable of lotsa’ YAC yds.

    Yeah on LeCounte and Webb waiting for the play to click in their minds while the runner goes by them like a striped-ass deer. Grit your teeth and wait for it to happen, then relax in the thought that Fromme will compete heartily and often using the roadgraders and the Swift-est of our backs. And Herrien and “Zeus”. Ok, Cager for at least one td. And that ought to free up Simmons for some high-pointing and long-legged runs.