Of all the tweaks in the world available to James Coley…

this should be at the top of the list today, bar none.

Uptempo– personally, I think Georgia’s biggest offensive issue is pace. We have one of the slowest offensive seconds per play in the country. This allows the defense to get set and gives them more time to respond to your look and personnel. A lot of complaints surround around our offense being predictable. A better pace allows you to keep the defense off balance even if you are running the same damn play over and over again. Fromm will run this offense more efficiently with better pace. Against an offense like LSU or Alabama, maybe you try to slow the pace and hold on to the ball to limit their offensive possessions. Florida’s offense does not scare me in that way and therefore I’m hoping we made huge strides in our offensive speed in between plays for this weekend.

This is such a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned, especially when you consider who Coley is matching wits with.  The benefits are obvious and it doesn’t stop Georgia from RTDB, either.

Don’t overthink this, guys.


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13 responses to “Of all the tweaks in the world available to James Coley…

  1. Timphd

    Tempo makes sense in so many ways, but not the least of which is two of the Gators best defensive players are coming of injuries. Their conditioning may not be great, so why would you want to let them switch out and get fresh bodies in? Keep them on the field and see if they wear down. Plus, Todd and his “communication issues” are multiplied if under pressure. Go with tempo Dawgs!

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  2. Biggen

    I have pretty low faith that this will happen. Coley doesn’t seem like a high “IQ” guy when it comes to designing offenses. Hope he proves me wrong today.


  3. TvilleDawg

    Game day! Go dawgs!!


  4. Salty Dawg

    Sorry, Dawgs, you have left me feeling insecure about this game and I hate it! Please, erryone, do your job and play lit! I’m looking at you coaches, too!


  5. ApalachDawg

    The Apalachicola River metro area is locked/loaded and is on the ready 5 for battle against the turds. Lets roll those motherfuckers!


  6. Gurkha Dawg

    Somebody’s up bright and early this morning. You must have been a good boy last night. You should be in peak form by kickoff. I’m not even reading the stats stuff. Just beat those muthafucka’s.


  7. Paul

    This year the fact that anything seems like a no brainer also seems like it makes us less likely to do it. We have done very little of what most observers would consider no brainers. How about a run heavy team using play action fakes? No brainer! Does Georgia do it? No! How about crossing routes or rub routes to help our young receivers get open? No brainer! Does Georgia do it? No! I could keep this up for a while but you get the idea. If running between the tackles on first down isn’t getting us six or more yards it could be a long day. I desperately hope I’m wrong about this but I’ve seen very little to convince me otherwise.


    • Paul

      So, I’m coming back to point out that we did, in fact, do these things today. We used play action. We ran crossing routes. For a touchdown no less! I was wrong. And we won! Go Dawgs!

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