Mike Bianchi is a national treasure.

The weekend hasn’t even ended yet and this hot take already hasn’t aged well.


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33 responses to “Mike Bianchi is a national treasure.

  1. Doug

    He spends a thousand words going on and on about how Mullen is about to completely turn the tables in the UGA-UF rivalry…and then picks Georgia to win by a TD anyway.

    That part he got right, at least.

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  2. BMan

    If I feel dumber for reading that, how dumb must he be for writing it?


    • Faulkner

      I can’t believe I read the entire article. I’m hungover and my IQ just dropped a few points. In my defense I didn’t get to watch the game until midnight and had no clue who won the game until I watched it. That last vodka did me in.





  4. I learned long, long ago that Bianchi and Jeff Schultz are both hacks. I have not and will not pay them by reading their biased shit.

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    • Noonan

      I really like the Athletic, but I can’t believe they hired Schultz. I guess they needed someone to pull in the pathetic Tech fan demographic.


      • Classic City Canine

        The dude is actually decent at the Athletic. I would not be surprised if his editor lets him do more actual sports journalism and less click-bait hot takes. Journalism may not be dead, but the business of journalism is doing its best to kill it.


  5. BigD

    Pandering to his base. He couldn’t write his way out of a wet paper sack.

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  6. SpellDawg

    The biggest Biatchi in the business.


  7. The Truth

    The last line does the really heavy lifting: “That’s a big if.”

    But IF we had lost, which even Bianchi didn’t predict we would, wouldn’t it be entirely reasonable to conclude that Mullen was coaching his lesser talent up better than Kirby his greater talent? I just don’t get how some of you think you have to be “a hater” to reach that reasonable conclusion.

    We didn’t lose. Let’s win the rest of them. Go Dawgs.


  8. siskey

    Jesus. His article today says the Mullen better start recruiting after stating in the earlier article that Mullen shouldn’t have trouble in that regard because he is personable and engaging in person. Kirby’s gonna have a Spurrieresque record against those shitbirds.


  9. Beer Money

    Dan Mullen is our new Paul Johnson. Clearly a better coach than those around him, but yet is so smart that he finds a way to lose more times than not. And sometimes, even finds a way to get more kudos out of their loss than the winning coach (2010 Tech games comes to

    Bianchi channeling his inner Mark Bradley sure is something.

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  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Click. Bait.

    I fell for it.


  11. sniffer

    He was right about one thing when he said this about Mullen…

    ”…will have a difficult time finding a college job more perfectly suited for him.”

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  12. Been a HC 11 years, never won a division, never lost fewer than 3 games, abysmal vs ranked teams. Beats the teams he’s supposed to, loses to practically everyone else.

    He’s Jim Donnan in a Randy Quaid costume.

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    • McTyre

      Jim Donna should take offense to your analogy. While there are some similarities between their respective P5 tenures, JF won a natty at Marshall and wasn’t a socially awkward man desperately trying to troll rivals.

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  13. Uglydawg

    He actually invites us to email him at the end of his silly piece.
    The stupidest thing he said (and there is a lot of stupid there) is that Mullet will start recruiting at a much higher level because it’s i..hold your breath…”He is so personable”. Gag a maggot!

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  14. Dawg19

    Bianchi to Gator fans.

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  15. Vivid Seats must have been drinking early. From our vantage point in 329, there was definitely not a 60-40 Gator advantage in attendees. There were a few empty seats here and there on both sides, but if anything I’d give the Dawg fans a slight advantage. I especially noticed that the Bull Gator section in the middle on the UF side did not completely fill back up after halftime.

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  16. Mark

    So, “national treasure” actually means “asshat?” Who knew?


  17. Spike

    What a Putz.


  18. Uglydawg

    Rumor is that Bianchi is hammerin’ away on his keyboard writing his next piece, which will be about how superior Granham’s defenses are on third down…followed with a piece on the superior running skills of Trask.