My new favorite play of 2019

If ever there was a time to run a literally perfect play, it came just after Florida had closed the gap to six points in the second half.  That’s when the Dawgs unleashed this gem:

Trust me, it was even better watching it unfold live from my vantage point, where I saw Fromm execute the best play fake of his career.  I can’t imagine how wide his eyes were when he saw Cager raise his hand to indicate he was open.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  Cherish it always, Dawg fans.  I know I will.


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23 responses to “My new favorite play of 2019

  1. practicaldawg

    Also, don’t miss Kirby running down the sideline. So great.

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  2. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Cager did a great job feigning that he was headed to the sideline as the Safety who bit too hard on the fake was trying to recover.

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    Wait, I thought our OC was clueless?

    To hell with Floridah!


  4. That’s what scheming a play open is. Great call combined with great execution.

    Fromm executed the fake and then did exactly what a QB is supposed to do when a guy is that open … throw it directly to him with little air under it and make the catch as easy as possible.

    Cager just had to look the ball in, secure the catch, and get to the end zone.

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  5. Keese

    Hey it worked but can we really consider that a real play action attempt?


  6. HahiraDawg

    The best thing about the play was Cager’s intelligence to slow down such that 31 would release him to another zone before turning back to the middle. Cager then turns it on up the sideline to the vacated deep third.
    Beautiful and smart.

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  7. MattR

    Wish I could have that in slow motion. Man, what a play


  8. addr

    Best play of the year so far, and it isn’t particularly close.

    Beautiful design, perfect execution, called at the exact right time, in the most clutch moment of the biggest game so far.

    Well done to the entire offense, especially the coaches.

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  9. more spinners

    No doubt about it was perfectly executed pass play that left the Gators’s defense bewilldered.
    Add in that pass and catch by Wolfe in the closing minute of the game.
    Both balls said “give us some respect Bianchi and the rest of you Gators go home and sit on it for a year”.

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  10. Sanford222view

    The play designs and calls were much improved yesterday. Refreshing and hope providing. I think my favorite play calling of the day was NOT seeing one jet sweep with a receiver!

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  11. Uglydawg.

    Great play! I may watch it all day!
    BTW Putting this here. On the “controversial”” catch that Cager made on an early drive (and I do think he caught it. The ball didn’t move when it touched the ground) The UF defensive back should have been flagged for PI anyway. So I think the field refs were giving UF a break and it backfired on them.


  12. Macallanlover

    Agree that was better than what we usually see from Jake on fakes, and the play was a beauty from all angles, but I will take the two big catches from Herrien to extend the drives. We have scholarship receivers who don’t adjust to the ball as well as that young man did in huge situations (and God forbid, he even hit the turf to make one of them!) Thought the offensive had been tweaked/expanded to show more diversity, just like everyone had requested, well, except for those who wanted to trade off some of the talent.

    David Greene needs to school Jake on the value of more attention to disguising play fakes, it is the one thing he has never done very well, and in his third year I am surprised he is still nonchalant about it.


  13. Texas Dawg

    I have to hand it to Coley and the rest of the coaching staff, for opening up the offense a little. We are never going to be confused for an Air Raid offense, but at least we were not one dimensional. For a change, be it scheme, effort or what ever, Jake had some OPEN receivers. He did not have to thread a perfect pass into a 6 inch window. They rediscovered that we do indeed have tight ends on the roster. They found out that it is not illegal to throw the ball between the hash marks. You indeed can on occasion run outside the tackles. We are, have been and always will be a power run football team first as long as Kirby is the coach. As we have been begging for all year, Coley found you can add a little variety to the mixture and not only will the wheels not fall off, but good things can happen. I have a feeling that the improved line play was in no small part due to FU having to defend the WHOLE field for a change and not just the little box between the tackle. It does not matter how great they are, if the other team knows what is coming and has them outnumbered, it is pretty hard to do your job.

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  14. Tony Barnfart

    Running game wise, it’s clear to me that we are very much all-in on the strategy of wearing the opponent out up the middle to the. have them huffing and puffing when we go outside later as the game wears on.

    Seems to work pretty well, even if i’m freaking out in the 1st quarter.


    • practicaldawg

      Yeah defending our run is truly exhausting, especially when we have the ball for nearly a full quarter more than the opponent.


  15. Russ

    Is there an all-22 view of this play?


  16. I said it on the other post but this play was like a culmination of the good, bad and the ugly of the last couple games and using Florida’s tendencies, and real our own, against them.

    My favorite part was Pickens pointing at his man when Cager was about to score. He was letting his man know that he’d just been baited. Massive credit to Coley and the players.