What winning the Cocktail Party gets you.

Georgia-Auburn gets the 3:30 SEC on CBS slot.


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28 responses to “What winning the Cocktail Party gets you.

  1. Damn, this probably puts the UGA v. Texas A&M game at night, right? Is this our max for CBS? I thought that was a lock for 3:30 because of the rare-ness of the matchup.


  2. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    It should still be 3:30. From my count, Auburn is the third CBS game for the year and the max is five.


  3. Ben

    I was hoping for a nooner on the plains, but 2:30 local time is still pretty good, too. I’m glad it’s not a 6 pm or later kick. That would be brutal in that madhouse.


  4. Bigshot

    Looking at the next week schedule, the best game on will be UGA-TXA&M. Wonder if CBS would have UGA on twice in a row?


    • stoopnagle

      As others note above, it’s hard to think we’re not the 3:30 game that week, too. Maybe if Missouri beats us and Tennessee wins out? We just need to kick the shit out of Mizzou and nail this thing down.


  5. Just bring it…the barners can kiss my ass and the goat they are dating…looooking forward to THIS one…


  6. Russ

    SEC Shorts has a good take on the Cocktail Party.


  7. Uglydawg

    Someone venture forth an answer as to why Jordan Hare was more than half empty against Ole Miss Saturday night. It was cold, but so what? It’s usually cold in November….the game wasn’t a “gimme” for AU either..not decided until the last play. (Plumlee is very good, btw). Was it because the Mississippi people didn’t travel? Would that make that much difference? If Auburn fans are cool towards their team, it might be another opportunity for UGA fans to out-crowd a home team.