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Today, in stick to sports

This seems nice.

Is booing a bad call by the refs “disruptive behavior”?


UPDATE:  Damn, I missed the punchline.


UPDATE #2:  Brave Sir Jason has run away.


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Today, in semantics

Okay, so the SEC is going with this:

I’m curious what Shaw thinks the difference between blown and incorrect is.


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Maybe one day we won’t look back and laugh about it.

Ha ha ha.

If there is one college football player in America who could benefit from the new NCAA’s name, image and likeness rule, it’s Rodrigo Blankenship…

“I think he might have missed his window,” quipped Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart. “I don’t know enough about ‘name, image and likeness’ to know where it’s going to go, but he would have been a guy that would have done well with that, for sure.”

It’s only a funny joke when it’s about college athletes, get it?


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A little Mizzou news

According to his coach, Kelly Bryant is “day-to-day” this week due to knee and hamstring injuries.

Coming off a bye weekend, and with a road trip to No. 6 Georgia on tap this Saturday, Bryant stated that he’s currently feeling about 75-percent healthy.

“I just have to continue to rehab it and I’m just making sure that I’m not putting myself out there if I can’t go,” Bryant said. “If I can go, I’ll go.”

With those problems, I bet he’s being optimistic about that 75%.

The backup, you ask?  Um…

Should Bryant be unable to go, redshirt sophomore Taylor Powell would make his first careers start. This season, Powell has completed 42.3 percent of his 26 pass attempts for 108 yards. Last season, he went 6-14 for 134 yards.




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Make 2004 great again

Just a reminder — those that can, coach; those that can’t, pander.

Are Auburn fans really gonna vote for this guy?


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Your 11.6.19 Playpen

Sadly, I can’t think of a truer metaphor for current day America than this story.

A man was stabbed to death outside a Maryland Popeyes in a fight over the chain’s popular fried chicken sandwich, police said.

A spokeswoman for the Prince George’s Police Department said the 28-year-old, who has not been identified, was killed at a restaurant in Oxon Hill, outside Washington D.C.

A fight began after someone cut in line, spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said.

Forget about politics, parties, Trump, etc.  This says something about us.

That people have enough rage to kill somebody over a sandwich order tells you all you need to know about a lack of personal control combined with the selfishness that I’m afraid defines so much about what our society is like these days.  No, it’s not everybody, but it seems like it’s a lot more than it used to be.  I mean, are you surprised by the story?

Christ, this is depressing.


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Boys, there’s a new genius in town.

The next time you hear a national pundit wax eloquently about Dan Mullen’s coaching greatness, keep this in mind.

The devil’s in the details, Gators.

Between stuff like this, roster management issues and having Grantham as DC, Dan Mullen sounds more and more like Florida’s version of latter day Mark Richt — 10-win good, but not good enough.


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