Good thing they’ve got a brilliant head coach.

So… I’ve got a question.

How often does the home team in a SEC game dress out fewer players on scholarship than does the visitor?


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  1. Biggen

    They are really going to be in a bind next year when they lose most of their D due to graduation.

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  2. Reverend Whitewall

    Unfortunately it probably happened to us at some point during Richt’s peak roster management years. I seem to recall a point where we were down below 70 healthy scholarship players. Don’t mean to start this as a Richt bashing tho, just making the observation. Glad to see he is feeling better and supposed to be back with the ACC Network this week.


    • dawgtired

      “Don’t mean to start this as a Richt bashing”
      Yep, love him like a brother but…


      • TXBaller

        You see what we’re doing here UglyDawg??


        • Uglydawg

          I take Reverend Whitehall at his word. He was just making a point that Georgia also has had it’s low number moments. I doubt he was trolling to start a CMR debate.
          But there are those that will use the smallest opening to get in their licks.
          Hopefully and thankfully that penchant is getting smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.

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    • Biggen

      Hell we never seemed to have 85 scholarship players on the team. We ran below the limit had self imposed sanctions for 14 years!


    • The 984

      We were down to 65 to 68 scholarship players. We had about as many scholarship players that year as multiple year probation, scholarship restricted Southern Cal did.

      We always talk about 5 yards short. But imagine what that team could have been if we had 20 more guys.


  3. GruvenDawg

    On top of that he’s going to be hurt by the 25 cap limit…going to put them in a bind for years unless the rules change.


    • Argondawg

      He needs a few of our 2013 classes in a row. That will really help the program. Their 2020 schedule is a joke. They are gonna need the help.

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  4. My kingdom for Vandy to beat them Saturday.

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    • Russ

      That would be great, but Mizzou is going to put another beating on them in Columbia W. I’m sure it will be at night, sleeting and 38° and the lizards want no part of that.


  5. Argondawg

    This was interesting. Mullen only has 14 players left out of his transition class. Shit show from a roster perspective.


  6. Otto

    Spurrier never recruited at the highest level but, Mullen isn’t recruiting well and is undersigning with the worst Richt years. May they have continued struggles. I hope Ws over Aubur, Miami, and FSU gets Mullen a contract extension


  7. Bulldog Joe

    “How often does the home team in a SEC game dress out fewer players on scholarship than does the visitor?”

    Well, how many home games did we have from 2011 thru 2014?