Make 2004 great again

Just a reminder — those that can, coach; those that can’t, pander.

Are Auburn fans really gonna vote for this guy?


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51 responses to “Make 2004 great again

  1. illinidawg

    Two Playpens?

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    • “Tommy Tuberville is a flaming arsehole” is a topic that long predates the Playpen. Hell, it predates Auburn.

      So, no.

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      • SpellDawg

        “flaming” is too effusive a term to describe that MFer, 60 minutes of him calling play-by-play without the benefit of commercial breaks would solve our lethal injection drug shortage problems. I found myself gnawing at my wrists a few season ago….


  2. Keese

    But yet all these northern liberals want to escape the crap they vote for and move south. Go figure. Southern folk and their blue collar wisdom

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  3. Russ

    I wonder when Tubs’ political career is going to “go NASCAR”? As long as it keeps him out of the booth, I’m all for it. I’d rather listen to Beth Mowins.

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  4. NCDawg

    Should have saved this for Playpen, not Tuberville. He’s ancient history and not worth “pen and paper time”. Seems you opened up to Tuberville and Trump with this one. Might as well Playpen it.


  5. Brandon

    Politics aside, I always thought Tuberville was a pretty good coach, in the words of Spencer Hall: “the man survived for nearly a decade… at Auburn. Anyone capable of surviving for so long, under such conditions, is a formidable strategist by any measure”.

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  6. Aladawg

    It’s called ABJ. Anything but Jones a democratic hack who ran against the idiocy named Roy Moore and won the special senate election. Jones claimed bipartisanship, but has not crossed the aisle at all. Thus, a heavily Republican state will return the senate seat. There are other candidates running vs. Tuberville that can win the nomination, but if Tommy gets that he will win.

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    • Derek

      Hack? Why?

      Didn’t he replace multi-term GOP senator Jeff Sessions? Isn’t Jones a step up?


      • AlaDawg is 100% correct….If Tommy makes it through the primary hell yes they;ll vote for him. Only morons voted FOR Jones …they voted against Moore. Don’t over think this. Any R wins in Alabama against a D, the lone exception being Judge Roy Moore. Bad candidates lose elections….just ask Hillary. And yes this belongs on playpen but, as seems to be the theme of most of these comments ….you started it.

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        • Derek

          More to the point, Alabama nearly elected a child molester.

          I don’t doubt Jones loses next November. I was simply asking about “hack” and his now very unpopular predecessor.

          I think the child molester would beat Sessions in Alabama. Priorities.

          If tubs does win the nomination Alabama grad Jones will find and use tubs connection to the barn to dissuade bammers from voting for him.

          Yep, he still loses. Unless tubs is a child molester. Then it’s 50/50.


  7. spottieottie

    Not sure why Tubbs is running for the Senate, 6-years is longer than pretty much any job he’s ever held.

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  8. Oddly enough, most over on Roll, Bama, Roll are pissed about the chaos this is going to cause on game day.


  9. Bill Glennon

    BREAKING: Clickbait


  10. wayne flynt

    Tubs is definitely an ass but he ain’t stupid. He knows nobody gets to be senator without deepthroating trump.


  11. Muttley

    However great their differences may be involving football and higher education, I guess some things can still bring those people together- Trump, shooting up the Emmett Till monument…


  12. JimDawg3

    “Are Auburn fans really gonna vote for this guy?”

    Dude, stick to football. Your political analysis is shite.

    If you want to talk politics, start a separate blog.


  13. Gaskilldawg

    MD Dawg and the Senator beat me to it. I do not care who the president is, and if I voted for him or her, or not, I do not want the president to attend any game I am attending.


  14. Charlottedawg

    I really wish Auburn had gotten the chance to get absolutely trucked by USC in the national title game in 2004, just like they did in 2003.


    • jollyrogerjay

      That 2004 Auburn team wouldl’t have been trucked by anyone. That team had 4 first round draft picks, 3 in the O backfield, very good wide receivers and a bad ass defense. That was the best Auburn team I have seen in my 50 years of attending Auburn games. Yeah, I know USC kicked our ass the year before, but in 2002 Auburn was inside the 10 yard line trying to beat the Trojans in LA when the clock expired. Teams change year to year. 2003 means nothing for the 2004 teams.


  15. Scuba

    I paid $100 for a reserved parking spot to a lot owned by MB from their website. Access to the lot was blocked by concrete rails early in the morning. ( still waiting on that refund Arthur if your here) Police said last minute change because the President was coming. Getting into the SEC championship was easy no President. I was freezing in the cold drizzle for hours to get into the NC just so any President could attend. do all fans a favor all Presidents stay away.

    Back to topic: Tubby was and I have no reason to believe he has changed a horrible person. As a coach they would be lucky to have another slime ball as slick as him again. For awhile he owned Bama. I hope he loses the primary and fades away never to to be seen or heard again on a game I`m watching.

    ESPN has a sky cam channel. It`s so nice to be able watch a game without stupid announcers.


  16. soccerdawg

    I believe Jones won because of overwhelming black voter support and a huge turnout by black women specifically, together with college towns voting overwhelmingly for Jones. So, I ask, “Will the Bama Students Boo 45?”


  17. ciddawg

    Dam these pesky Republicans ….if only we had Hillary in office … we could all be up to our eyebrows in corrupt Democrats and their offspring… grafting oligarchs, communist governments and Ukrainian oil Companies for promise of political favor and state secrets …, all would be right in the world… amirite Bluto?


  18. ciddawg

    …and the only boos will come from the Luxury booths where the wine and cheese liberal lawyer section is… when they’re not commenting on here…amirite derek?


  19. ciddawg

    Sorry Senator, Please accept my heartfelt apology. I didn’t see your first warning until after the second post…feel free to replace Dam Republicans with Dam Tuberville…


  20. ciddawg

    but you have to admit, kinda one sided penalty calling…particularly Derek calling Moore a pedophile without a flag… but i will save that one for the playpen…


  21. jollyrogerjay

    If it comes down to Doug Jones vs Tuberville in the general election, Tubs will get my vote early, and with no second thoughts. Jones is a left winger not representative of the folks that live in Alerdamnbammer. He is in that seat now because he ran against a crazy SOB..


    • Aladawg

      Same here. Many Republicans just decided to stay home. Tuberville will win if nominated, but I kinda doubt he will be. I sure won’t vote for Jones.
      While Moore wasn’t proven to be a pedophile, there’s a good chance he was.