Maybe one day we won’t look back and laugh about it.

Ha ha ha.

If there is one college football player in America who could benefit from the new NCAA’s name, image and likeness rule, it’s Rodrigo Blankenship…

“I think he might have missed his window,” quipped Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart. “I don’t know enough about ‘name, image and likeness’ to know where it’s going to go, but he would have been a guy that would have done well with that, for sure.”

It’s only a funny joke when it’s about college athletes, get it?


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14 responses to “Maybe one day we won’t look back and laugh about it.

  1. Rod is going to be one of those guys who it will be tough (but great) to see on Senior Day. I hope he gets the chance to wear those specs and pink cleats for a long time to come in the NFL.


  2. Falcons would sign him now if they could.


  3. PatinDC

    Respect the Specs…and get him some dough.


  4. Mike Cooley

    When you make Kirby money it’s easy to laugh about other people’s chump change.


  5. practicaldawg

    Speaking of Hot Rod, the fact that he quietly hit 3 FGs in the game last Saturday got lost in all the highlights. We don’t win that game without his leg. None of those FGs were chip shots either.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    🤓 If he only could get a royalty on use of this emoji…


  7. Butler Reynolds

    He’d make a mighty nice bobble-head. Better yet, mash on his helmet and his leg kicks.