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Coley playing chess.

Nice breakdown by Hutson Mason of a completion last Saturday.

It’s good to see how Georgia made excellent use of the off week to fine tune stuff like this.


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2019 Mumme Poll, Week 10

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) TwitterWithout any further ado, here you go.

Screenshot_2019-11-06 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)

Total ballots cast:  253.  Average number of teams per ballot:  8.2.

Time spent:

Screenshot_2019-11-06 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(1)

Conference breakdown:

Screenshot_2019-11-06 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(2)

Screenshot_2019-11-06 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(3)

Where we come from (bias indicator):

Screenshot_2019-11-06 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(4)

Finally, just for shits and giggles, here’s what the selection committee’s first top 25 looks like:

Screenshot_2019-11-06 NCAA College Football Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings, Rumors - College Football - ESPN

As always, some bullet points:

  • Another week with no unanimous selection.
  • First tier of 90+% still at four, but Penn State’s closed the gap.
  • We’re giving the AAC as much love as the selection committee is.  P5 +1?
  • We think more highly of Minnesota than does the selection committee.  We’ll see who’s right after this week’s game with Penn State.
  • We are spending less time on ballot selection as time goes by, which makes sense.
  • The MP is sponsored at a Georgia-centric blog, but it’s nice to see that the Dawgs rank similarly in both our poll and the selection committee’s top 25.

Just curious:  do you find either set of rankings more credible than the other?  If so, why?


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Your Daily Gator is sick of stats.

Two data points worth sharing this morning:

Screenshot_2019-11-06 r CFB - [Stat] Over the last three years, Dan Mullen's teams have been held under 300 total yards thr[...]

(h/t calder)


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