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No hurry…

… it’s only the eleventh week of the season.

Maybe we need to take some of those Mizzou stats with a grain of salt.


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Another biggie coming

Whoa, baby.

Time to head north again.  Assuming I’m around that long, that is.


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If it wasn’t for third down, they wouldn’t have no success at all.

This is some chart.


Third-and-Grantham was pretty much the ball game, wasn’t it?  Coley’s still got things to clean up on the other downs, it appears.

And that Gator defense against the ground game on first down… woof.  Kinda obvious Georgia needed to throw more on first down last Saturday.


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No fireworks Saturday

One thing Georgia and Missouri have in common is limiting explosive plays.  Neither is particularly great at creating them, either.  Check out these stats, via (where else?) cfbstats.com:

This one’s shaping up to be as much of a grinder as last week’s game.  That probably makes Kirby Smart a happy man.


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TFW you can’t hold it until halftime

Technology, for the win.


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Heads in the game

A few random notes from the week following the Cocktail Party win that’s gotten the program’s mojo back:

  • Georgia players expect to keep tabs on LSU at Alabama showdown even as they prep for Missouri
  • “We played really good. We really prepared for it throughout the week and locked in on the havoc,” said Herring. “We came in and did the job. We got the job done well. So I felt like, ‘Maybe we are as good as people say.’ But, then again, we always know when we get back on Monday, coach is going to show us everything we did wrong that could’ve been better.”
  • Over at Dawg Sports, macondawg asks the musical question, “On StubHub tickets for Saturday are going for very close to face value, which doesn’t seem quite right for an intra-divisional game being played under the lights in Sanford Stadium. Are fans going to be checked out on this one as well?”

So, on a scale of one to ten, with one being South Carolina-level of focus and ten being the way Georgia was dialed in during the second half and overtime of the Rose Bowl, where do you rate the collective heads of the team and the fan base going into the Mizzou game?


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Musical palate cleanser, no music edition

If you’re a contemporary of mine who grew up on sixties and seventies music, click here and enjoy.


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