Another biggie coming

Whoa, baby.

Time to head north again.  Assuming I’m around that long, that is.


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35 responses to “Another biggie coming

  1. Mary Kate Danaher

    Look at these upcoming Power 5 non conference opponents. Well done.

    2020: Virginia (in Atlanta), Georgia Tech
    2021: at Georgia Tech
    2022: Oregon (in Atlanta), Georgia Tech
    2023: at Oklahoma, at Georgia Tech
    2024: Clemson (in Atlanta), Georgia Tech
    2025: at UCLA, at Georgia Tech
    2026: UCLA, Georgia Tech
    2027: at Florida State, at Georgia Tech
    2028: Florida State, at Texas, Georgia Tech
    2029: Texas, at Clemson, at Georgia Tech
    2030: Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia Tech
    2031: Oklahoma, at Ohio State, at Georgia Tech
    2032: Clemson, Georgia Tech
    2033: at Clemson, at Georgia Tech


  2. S.A.W.B.

    Odds on McDiggity having us go there first?


  3. Mayor

    Why do they schedule games like this so far out? You can’t tell me it isn’t possible to set this up 3 or 4 years from now. Fields will have graduated from tOSU by 2031. Maybe.


  4. Remember the Quincy

    2031 will be a fun year (assuming we haven’t cycled back to an era like the 90s).


  5. MillyDawg

    Hoooweeeee!! 2030 is going to be a fun season – Ohio State AND Clemson at Sanford.


  6. MGW

    Awesome! Now can we please get some SEC West teams on the schedule?

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  7. TallyDawg

    Wasn’t OSU on the schedule before and one school or the other cancelled it?


    • Bulldog Joe

      Urban Meyer canceled it after he became the corch there. Petty bastard.


    • The Tick

      “Ohio State cancels series with Georgia set for 2020-2021
      Ohio State and Georgia had agreed to a home-and-home to kick off the next decade. But with both teams’ conferences going through major changes in scheduling, the Buckeyes backed out of that agreement Thursday with Georgia’s blessing.” — May 2012


  8. dawgman3000

    With the way the way things are going now, watching a football game at that time will likely be the last thing on anyone’s mind.


  9. Otto

    Good to see them on the schedule but not at all a fan of having multiple P5 conf. championship and playoff contenders on the schedule during the same year.

    1 per year should be the model. Titles is the goal.


    • MGW

      I get the strategy as far as setting up for championships. But I’d rather guarantee awesome football every year and accept a tougher path to the playoff, than schedule for an easier shot at the playoff while accepting that the schedule will always be garbage.

      And remember that the “scheduling for championships” mentality is a huge part of why CFB is staring down the crisis of declining interest. It isn’t a novel strategy; it has proliferated across the sport over the last decade or so. Which also means that very few teams are seeing any real benefit from it. As in, if everyone brings guns to the knife fight, it’s just a gun fight. Nobody gained an advantage.

      My hope is that if several of the most powerful schools will walk the walk on this issue, then they can push for a nationwide rule on scheduling better across the board.


      • Otto

        LSU 2011 wins over the PAC and Big East champs lost to Bama for the title. If they didn’t give Oregon a loss maybe they play them in place of Bama.

        Scheduling for championship is a false narrative. CFB still has interesting games every weekend. The real story is football is fading in popularity and fantasy leagues are propping up the NFL. Lowering CFB to 1-2 loss chaos will only further the decline.


    • Mark

      Who’s to say that any of those teams will be any good by the time we play them? Who’s to say UGA will… ?


    • Kirby is convinced the playoff is going to 8. To get a wild card spot, winning with a tough schedule makes winning the SECCG less important in a field of 8.

      The AD just likes the $$$$$ benefit.


  10. Should be awesome assuming the lawsuits from CTE don’t put football out of business first.

    Otherwise, they’ll play NCAA Football on the big screen in Sanford.


  11. The Truth

    This announcement dovetails nicely with your “Butts in the Seats” post this morning.


  12. Whiskey Dawg

    I’ll be 72 when we play the Butteyes. Will I still be here? Hope so. Will I still care? Hell yes! I got my masters from Ohio University. I doubly hate those bastards.


  13. dawginutah

    Job security for one Kirby Smart


  14. ATL Dawg

    Here are the out-of-conference and western division rotating games that will be played in Sanford Stadium for the next 5 years:

    East Tennessee State
    Georgia Tech

    San Jose State
    Charleston Southern

    Kent State
    Georgia Tech

    {open slot}
    Ole Miss

    Tennessee Tech
    Georgia Tech


  15. jt10mc (the other one)

    Crap…will football be played the way it is now by then?


  16. BuffaloSpringfield

    I am sure I’ll able to turn the TV on by then, maybe the nurse in the senior citizen facility will be a fan and change the channel for me. Hope it’s a 12:00 game I’ll need a nap. Looks like I can sleep most Saturdays till 2024.