Heads in the game

A few random notes from the week following the Cocktail Party win that’s gotten the program’s mojo back:

  • Georgia players expect to keep tabs on LSU at Alabama showdown even as they prep for Missouri
  • “We played really good. We really prepared for it throughout the week and locked in on the havoc,” said Herring. “We came in and did the job. We got the job done well. So I felt like, ‘Maybe we are as good as people say.’ But, then again, we always know when we get back on Monday, coach is going to show us everything we did wrong that could’ve been better.”
  • Over at Dawg Sports, macondawg asks the musical question, “On StubHub tickets for Saturday are going for very close to face value, which doesn’t seem quite right for an intra-divisional game being played under the lights in Sanford Stadium. Are fans going to be checked out on this one as well?”

So, on a scale of one to ten, with one being South Carolina-level of focus and ten being the way Georgia was dialed in during the second half and overtime of the Rose Bowl, where do you rate the collective heads of the team and the fan base going into the Mizzou game?


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31 responses to “Heads in the game

  1. Bigshot

    The South Carolina game has put a tremendous damper on this season. People were expecting a National Championship this year and no one believes UGA could beat LSU or Bama. I was at the UK game, so I’ll be at the Mizzou game all wrapped up and trying to stay warm. Go Dawgs!

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  2. Jim

    Wouldn’t be surprised by a serious letdown this week. We clearly pulled out all the stop and spent an inordinate amount of emotional energy on the gators. Hope we are focused. So I’d say 3-4

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  3. Castleberry

    zero – it’s time to wake the F up – standing by for Kirby’s pregame comments to Dowdle

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  4. chopdawg

    Serious trap game coming this week, with Fla last week and Aub next week. At least, it’s a night game. We know we’ve got lots to play for, and last week was a confidence booster. I give us a 6. Don’t think we can convert 67% of third downs every week, but maybe we’ll get close to 50%. Maybe we won’t have so many third downs anyway. Cautiously optimistic.


  5. FisheriesDawg

    I think it’ll be fine. The kickoff time helps; much better at 7 than noon.

    More than anything, this is just another data point that Missouri doesn’t belong in the SEC, and it especially doesn’t belong in the SEC East. nobody cares about beating them other than the number that goes in the W column after it happens. I doubt there has been a Georgia-Mizzou ticket that was much over face since that 2012 game in Columbia, and that was mostly a novelty thing. Unless you’re a journalist, you probably don’t know a single person who went to Missouri or even is a fan of Missouri.


    • 81Dog

      This is true for fans, but the school presidents and ADs don’t care about the common rabble, they care about all the sweet TV money that came with the St Louis and Kansas City TV markets. Football games are a bridge for ads to the suits at Disney,.


    • Both of my parents and basically entire family of their generation went to Mizzou. Several (much younger) cousins attend there now, or did recently. The older generation of “Kids” (mine) split to SEC Schools – 3 to UGA (the good branch) and 3 to LSU.

      I realize that I’m likely a rarity with this, but Atlanta is a huge transplant city, so don’t be so sure.


      • Tony Barnfart

        When Mizzou entered the conference they sadly became the most represented SEC team within my extended bloodline (aunt, cousins and their kids— all been in st. louis since the 60s)


  6. Bright Idea

    Mizzou will only have parents there thus the cheap ticket and their QB doesn’t sound eager to play. I think the Dawgs will play well enough to win but maybe not cover 17 points. Too many field goals in the red zone to cover that much.


  7. Macallanlover

    Game being at night should save us another totally unfocused performance, I would say 6 or 7 on the 10 point scale. Sandwiched between FU and The Barn is tough to see us much higher than that but our guys have to feel better, and more into the goal being in sight after last Saturday.

    Also, from Herring’s comment, sounds like Kirby might be a little our of balance on public chewing out relative to praising. If they expect criticism every Monday regardless of the game just played, I would expect it to not have the desired impact and come off as “crying wolf” too often. That statement last week about how bad the defense was playing came off as significantly overstated, and hollow, to me. Not that we don’t have some issues to tighten up, but “atrocious”, seriously?


  8. On a scale from 1 to 10 with, 10 being completely focused I would say an 8


  9. Greg

    “level of focus”??

    More to do with the level of talent at wide receiver….do they stay healthy & get better?? Key to the season imo.


    • dawgman3000

      I agree with your statement. If you look at Cagers TD catch, Pickens had 2 db’s covering him. IMO, with Cager being healthy and a legitimate big play threat, opposing defenses now have to pick their poison.

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  10. ApalachDawg

    no margin for error.


  11. illinidawg

    “People were expecting a National Championship this year “. Right. Hoping maybe, expecting. . . shieeeeeet


  12. Charlottedawg

    If the team comes out flat to start the game, they’ve played pretty well after getting boo’ed at halftime of the Kentucky game……just sayin’


  13. ugafidelis

    I think D-Swift’s quote that you had on here pretty much sums up how the team should be focusing… ‘We have to treat every game like it’s our last, because it is.’ The fanbase is probably still a little skittish, but it won’t be hard to get the moxie back. I know I’ll be back up there this weekend.


  14. California dawg

    If this game were a nooner a la SCAR I’d be much more worried. Stagnant ticket prices aside, the crowd should be rowdy. I’m more worried about Coley. Looking back now that the dust has settled on UF, his gameplan seemed to be ‘let’s get to 3rd down and Fromm will bail my ass out’ for most of the game. Coley’s proven he can draw up some great plays, and we obviously showed significant improvement on offense as a whole, but his situational playcalling is suspect. He’s got to prove he has a feel for the game, because if we’re in 3rd and long that many times again against our next few opponents, we probably drop another game.

    And forget thinking about LSU/Bama. We have to face an Auburn team that’s been rested and ready to throw the kitchen sink at us, and then a TA&M team that’s starting to figure out how to score points. We don’t have the east locked down yet.


  15. Kdawg

    I’ve got a level of focus at a 5 for the team. I dear they’ll still be patting themselves on the back for
    Florida and looking to Auburn to finally get over the west road game hump.


  16. CEPH

    “Murder She Wrote”, my bad, He!!!!!


  17. CEPH

    Do you think Kirby will provide security for Fromm against the people who want to murder him?


  18. ATL Dawg

    “On StubHub tickets for Saturday are going for very close to face value”…

    Maybe they were yesterday but not anymore. Dropping like a rock. Prices start at $58 (that’s after fees/taxes) on Stubhub now. And as we know, face value is $75.


  19. Comin' Down The Track

    After Sakerlina, the players were indicating that they were already in the playoffs, and that every week from then on was win or go home. I like that. 9.


  20. D as in Dawg

    I think Fromm played a great game last week but still missed some great opportunities deep. I hope we go up top early and he can make some connections against Mizzou. He could use some confidence in his ability to complete deep passes and give the secondary reason to approach the box more cautiously. I know much of it has to do with getting comfortable with his young/new receivers but we’re over halfway through the season. If nothing else, just throw it up and let Cager go get it.


  21. BuffaloSpringfield

    My inner Muson is a 3, having a kickoff at 7:00 given Thursday hangovers time to rehydrate…..with Friday Night captivity at a out of Athens location and all curfews are met……… If the Dawgs don’t whip Missouri’ass they’ll have a lot of time to watch a lot more games. Perhaps not as interesting as Bama -LSU……….. but they’ll have a lot of time to watch other games and the CFBP……… Till I see more energy and desire I’am gonna have them a solid 5. I don’t know if they have identity, perhaps because of mixed Coaching philosophies or just a lack of reasoning as what they need to do. I know the answer is WIN……….but you can’t play loose when the Rooster’s laid a golden egg on in our Own coop.