Musical palate cleanser, no music edition

If you’re a contemporary of mine who grew up on sixties and seventies music, click here and enjoy.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, no music edition

  1. Salty Dawg

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Senator! I can see the avocado green and harvest gold appliances from here!


  2. Athens Dog

    I remember when this arrived at my house. I pored over it for hours. Wish the picture of Ginger’s smile had been included. 🙂


    • Yeah, that smile is something else.

      Evidently, that’s a common story with Brit musicians of a certain generation. My brother’s a dentist who once had the opportunity to work on Mick Jagger’s teeth. He still describes that as one of the scariest experiences of his professional career.


  3. Mick Jagger

    Watch it!


  4. DownSeaDawg

    If you haven’t already, check out “Echo in the Canyon” on Netflix.


    • Russ

      Thanks for the reminder.

      And great link this morning. First thing, Zappa kicks it off. I was listening to “Hot Rats” in the shower this morning. Great googly moogly!


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    More on Grace Slick would have been nice for me. Fantastic voice, great stage presence looking hot as a firecracker, although I have read that was mostly an act. And to her credit she isn’t continuing to milk for all the $$$ it might be worth unlike almost anyone else of the era who is still alive.


  6. truck

    It’d be nice to hear someone have a positive comment about Ginger’s personality. From what I’ve read about and seen in documentaries, he seemed like an absolutely terrible human being. Epic musician, though.