No hurry…

… it’s only the eleventh week of the season.

Maybe we need to take some of those Mizzou stats with a grain of salt.


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16 responses to “No hurry…

  1. Dabo

    Pffft! Why schedule a FEI top-30 opponent at all?


  2. dawgtired

    I thought there must be a legit reason Minnesota was undefeated…


    • BA Baracus

      Just took a quick peek at Minnesota’s schedule/results, and the one question that immediately pops to mind is just how bad is the B1G?


      • illinidawg

        My Illini have a good shot at a bowl, that’s how bad.

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      • Greg

        Historically good, hard to tell overall. But just guessing here, but I’d say that Ohio State & possibly Penn State could probably compete with anybody this year. Hard to say about Michigan (beat ND), but ai bet OSU will be on upset alert. Minnesota, who knows.

        Probably the same for the SEC (2-3 teams) LSU, Bama and probably Georgia.

        Last I checked, the Big 10 is the only conference that has a winning record against the SEC. Don’t like’em (Big 10), but I respect them.


        • Dawgoholic

          The Big 10 does not have a winning record against the SEC. SEC is like 30 games ahead. The Big 10 has a good team occasionally and may have one or two – but I’ve got to see it. I personally think they are about even with the Pac 12 at the top half of each conference and well below the Pac 12 at the bottom half.


  3. WHB209

    Please do not take any SEC team with a grain of salt…

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  4. Newdawg

    Unfortunately one of those sub 30 opponents of Mizzou was S. Carolina

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  5. DaculaDawg

    I don’t get this post. This year’s UGA face-plant leaves no room for throwing shade. Our Dawgs got beat by freakin’ USCe. Just shut up, and play like every game matters. Stay humble, and win. Only the last 4 teams standing matter.

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  6. Anon

    Do i recall reading similar sentiment the week of SC? UGA certainly doesn’t look like a juggernaut


  7. Mayor

    Maybe we should take some of those Bama stats with a grain of salt too.

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