Back in the day

This is a cool picture.

Although I can hear early 20th century Kirby wondering how that crowd would help recruiting…


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19 responses to “Back in the day

  1. 81Dog

    Must have been a really short field. I always imagined it runnuning n/s, not e/w. Live and learn.


  2. ApalachDawg

    Maybe the students were all at Bissets, Gus’ or Hoyt Street having a last round?


  3. practicaldawg

    Imagine anyone in that crowd seeing Sanford Stadium at the ND this year. Or telling them the 2019 get-in Hartman donation level.


  4. Prosticutor

    I’ll be disappointed if no one inserts a gif of Kirby sprinting down the sideline screaming


  5. Sheesh, where are the recruits supposed to sit without the endzone accommodations? This looks like a classic nooner, so no chance to light up for the 4th quarter.


  6. Dawg93

    I don’t see a concession stand anywhere, so I guess shitty concessions are just a tradition at UGA.

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  7. Normaltown Mike

    McGaritt approves of those luxury suites tho


  8. TN Dawg

    Little known fact:

    Kirby actually uses the same playbook and offense that Georgia ran in 1908.

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  9. Redhotchilidawg

    If Kirby was at this game, he would have grumbled to himself that the offense we were running was too modern.

    (Sarcasm, I promise. I love Kirby!)


  10. Mick Jagger

    MY friend’s great-grandfather (Shackleford) played on the 1st team in 1892!


  11. My buddy designed and supervised the new layout there with the fountain.