TFW Gary Danielson wants you to know something you already know

Unless I missed something, I don’t think Alabama’s come anywhere close to saying Tua’s 100%.  Whatevs, Gary.


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24 responses to “TFW Gary Danielson wants you to know something you already know

  1. sectionzalum

    He was always complimentary of “Eric” Nauta.


  2. practicaldawg

    Danielson is actually among the least bad commentators left IMO

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  3. Mr. Tu

    I thought that announcers were allowed access to practices and players with the understanding that they would not say anything about what they saw in practice or were told until sometime during the game when they wouldn’t be giving anything away. –


  4. chopdawg

    LSU is down a couple of guys also.


  5. ApalachDawg

    $cam Newton and nic Fairley were playing by the rules according to Danielson.#FTMF.

    Bring back Blackledge por favor.

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  6. 209

    Saban is 74 and 4 at home since he took the Ala. job. Do you really want to
    bet against him?

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  7. Greg

    Gary Danielson….best commentator in the business today. Understands the game, breaks the game down, doesn’t miss much. Rather listen to him than most any.

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  8. WHB209

    Regarding the 74-4 home record.. Saban has won more National Championships at Alabama than he has lost home games. Now that is jaw dropping.


  9. This from a guy who STILL doesn’t understand the true and correct meaning of “3rd and Grantham”.


  10. CannonDawg

    Not so much concerned with Ala – LSU until that time comes in due course. I’m still giddy over beating the mighty gators. Whether it’s Irving Myers or now Don Mullins, we’re in a good spot with that rivalry. Mullins is learning that it’s easier to troll UGA than to beat them. Now every year we beat FU feels a little like going back to Coach Dooley’s 17-7-1 run.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Kirby go 24-1-0 against those assholes.

    Mizzou, AU, TAMU and it’s on to ATL. Beat the Jackets and then move on to M-B, and the SECCG. Take a shot, just like the Nats. Who knows what can happen after the regular season. Show up and play hard and really good things can be in store.

    In the meantime, maybe Saban loses out on a Natty and decides to take his Process to Washington, D.C. to give America its best chance to be successful. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Saban memorials.

    And Bama hires Sean McVay, goes 8-4, and loses to AU. Man, are there gonna be some trees destroyed tonight.