Welcome to our world, Ohio State.

It’s a great feeling when your best player is put in limbo because of a potential NCAA violation, let me tell ‘ya.

The Heisman Trophy campaign and the most dominant individual season in college football is on hiatus: Chase Young is facing an indefinite suspension.

Fresh off the finest performance of his career in a record-breaking win over Wisconsin, the Ohio State junior is now suddenly, shockingly unavailable for the nation’s top-ranked team heading into the final month of the regular season, according to multiple Lettermen Row sources. Poised to break the school’s single-season record with his next sack, the captain won’t be available to do it for the Buckeyes on Saturday against Maryland — and now the wait is on to see exactly how much time Young will miss.

Ohio State has not publicly commented at this point on Friday morning, and exact details about the potential NCAA violation remain unclear at this point. Multiple sources have indicated that the program is optimistic that Young will be cleared to return to Buckeyes this season, but a resolution for the matter still hasn’t been reached.

The rumor swirling around is that Young took money from an agent.  He can pay it back and take that familiar four-game hit, if that’s the case, I suppose.  Fun in the meantime, though.

And if I can offer one small bit of advice… don’t waste any time consulting with Greg McGarity about how to deal with the NCAA on the matter.


UPDATE:  This didn’t take long.


UPDATE #2:  From Chase Young, comes this:

A loan.  From a family friend he knew before he enrolled.  That’s been repaid.

Thank Gawd the NCAA is on the mother.


UPDATE #3:  And from Young’s representative…


UPDATE #4:  This just gets better and better.

A source told The Dispatch that the loan is believed to have been used to pay for airfare for Young’s family to attend the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. If Ohio State had been in the College Football Playoff, such expenses would have been covered by a special fund to defray costs for players’ families. But since the Rose Bowl wasn’t a CFP game, families of players had to pay their own way.



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43 responses to “Welcome to our world, Ohio State.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    And by Penn State and Michigan it will all be behind us and we can move on.


  2. KornDawg

    A violation from 2018? Is OSU looking at possibly vacating wins from this season?

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  3. MDDawg

    As long as they don’t cooperate with the NCAA, they’ll be fine.

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  4. Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof. Warm Beagle.

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  5. That sucks. He’s a good player.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    BREAKING NEWS! Jake Fromm reportedly forgot his lunch in 6th grade and accepted a PB&J sandwich from the PE teacher for free. McGarity has reported the violation to the NCAA and Georgia is expected to be exiled to North Korea. One silver lining…Kirby’s haircut already conforms to the Republic’s norm.

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  7. McTyre

    If Young’s account (and/or OSU’s) are accurate, then there may indeed be nothing more to this than an opportunity to further mock the NCAA. However, forgive me if the Buckeyes’ history of “all-in” administration and booster support of FB temps one to suspect something more beneath the statements.


  8. He’s currently using the Cam Newton “family friend” defense. I say he should lawyer up and take the Justin Fields approach.

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  9. Reverend Whitewall

    Ok I understand the skepticism on the NCAA’s part of this……but the skeptical side of me also finds it awfully convenient that this “close family friend” just so happened to appear about the time Young was becoming a 5 star, highly sought after future football star. Usually a “close family friend” has been around for years – like, more than 3 years. Maybe it’s a legit friendship but let’s just say I’d be very surprised if there’s not more to the story than Young’s statement lets on.

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  10. Hobnail_Boot

    Buckeyes gonna buckeye.



  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am unsatisfied by this report. There is no mention of what Herbie thinks.


  12. How is it that Tim Nevius says “Unfair and outdated @NCAA rules punish athletes for making ends meet.” But the student athlete himself says “I made a mistake”?


  13. Brandon M

    This supposedly happened a year ago? Mighty convenient time to self-report Buckeyes, after the Wisconsin game right before the mighty Terps and Scarlet Knights


    • Chi-town Dawg

      My guess is he had a falling out with the family friend when he decided to use a different family friend as his NFL representative. Then first said friend anonymously sent proof of payment to OSU. Maybe not exactly how it went down, but something suddenly forced the situation and brought this to light a year later. Otherwise, we’d be none the wiser.

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      • ApalachDawg

        Or said family friend, has been guaranteed that Mr Young will go first in the NFL draft and it would be in his best interest to shut it down (see ex Buckeye N Bosa) and wait for the draft and benjamins…


  14. Cojones

    If he was lacking so much in finances, how did he pay it back? Would think that’s where the cock-up is. If it was forgiven, even more the problem.

    The fact that we can sympathize with the player because of our own player experiences doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules about agents and their position to influence the college game. It may be “done all the time”, but whenever it could change the outcome of a game, it becomes a horse of a differing color. Until the rules are changed, we can’t presuppose what the circumstances or the outcome may be.



    Funny how all this came up right before the Maryland game.


  16. Best guess is that he gets 2 games, similar to the suspension Ha-Ha Clinton Dix got in 2013 when he borrowed and repaid $500 from a strength coach.


  17. ApalachDawg

    So how much did Fields get in the bidding war for his services between PSU and OSU?


  18. ApalachDawg

    Will McG self report UGA to ncaa since we just announced a H&H with OSU. He just wants to cover all angles.


  19. WHB209

    I am going to try and tell you how easy it is to screw-up with the NCAA. In 1991 I took two recruits (close family friends) to the GA-FL game. A one day trip. Never even entered my mind that it might be a problem and may not have been, but things got bad real fast. A State Representative from (not important), was seated next to me and he was drunk as a three eyed goat. This fool decided it would be a great idea to stand up and announce that he was giving each recruit $100.00. Which he did and then he asked other people to do the same. At least I did stop the other people from getting involved. The next Monday I called Bob Pittard (Dir. of Rec. for UGA) and told him what happened. He was silent for about 5 min. (I could hear his head burning), then he told me to write a check to UGA for $200.00, and mail it to him. He also stated that I was going to get a very stern letter for the A.A. and one from him, which I did. I assume a copy of the letters and the check went into a folder somewhere in his office. I was also listed as an agent of the UGA A.A. for the rest of the year. Which meant I could no longer go to high school football games with Coach Haffner. I have no idea if the State Rep. ever got an ass kicking letter or phone call, because Bob told me to never speak of this ever again. ( I think I just spoke of it, so this is just between us). ,, I think you see how things can go belly-up real fast when you mean no harm, but are dealing with the NCAA.


  20. jt10mc (the other one)

    If this were UGA…McEars would have cancelled the season…burned down the BM Building and turned Sanford into a cornfield and then announced we are self imposing a 2 year ban on football.


  21. TXBaller

    Gene Smith calls Urban early in the week….
    Theres a fund to take care of “flying friends/family” to games…..
    This stinks to the high heavens…..
    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!!
    TOSU SUX!!!


  22. Mick Jagger

    He was probably gonna sit until draft day anyway. Why risk injury? The new world …..


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