When in doubt…

… break out the fake juice.

You know, if Georgia loses almost every starting skill position player it has, that might work.


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16 responses to “When in doubt…

  1. Granthams replacement

    Fake juice for the win


  2. stoopnagle

    I heard we’re wearing black shirts to counter their fake juice.

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  3. Comin' Down The Track

    The Midwest folk are really trying to make us acknowledge them.


  4. The Dawg abides

    Even though I’d like to see the black jerseys at home and red pants on the road every now and then, I hope we never get to the point where the program does these idiotic uniform combo releases.


  5. Dawg93

    Are Shane Ray and Michael Sam playing too?

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  6. ApalachDawg

    Good. This way we can correct this 2013 blunder by this border state half grey/half blue sec east brother of ours.


  7. Deandre Fromm

    We lost to South Carolina at home. Stop it.

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  8. Go Dawgs!

    Instead of giving the year and location of their win, they could just as easily said “their only SEC win in the series” #ShowMe…WhyIShouldCare


  9. RangerRuss

    2013 Missouri was the game that killed my friend Doug. He called me after ranting and screaming about Grantham and the refs. Later during the night he stroked out. 56 years old. Totally out of character for him. Man, he hated Granham and just couldn’t let it go.


  10. JT in SC

    Do not anger the Football Gods…


  11. AJ

    Entire team was hurt. Uga was a 9 point fav and I loaded the house on mizzu. Paid for my next 3 years of donations .


  12. Seems like a normal away uniform to me. Oh well.